OWC Turns Your MacBook Air’s Old Flash Storage Module Into The Perfect External SSD


Recycle your MacBook Air's old SSD module into an external drive.
Recycle your MacBook Air's old SSD module into an external drive.

If you’re planning to upgrade the flash storage in your 2010 or 2011 MacBook Air, don’t just discard your old module or let it go for pennies on eBay. With the Aurora Envoy enclosure from Other World Computing, you can turn that old flash storage into an external drive that’s designed to match your MacBook Air perfectly.

Made from aluminum with the same taper as the MacBook Air itself, the Aurora Envoy is quite possibly the most fitting external storage drive you can get for Apple’s ultraportable. And what’s great about it is that it costs just $20 when you buy any of OWC’s Aura Pro Express SSDs for your MacBook Air.

If you’re not planning to increase your Air’s storage but you’d still like the external drive, you can pick up the Aurora Envoy with storage pre-fitted, with prices ranging from $200 for 120GB of storage, to $800 for 480 GB of storage. Alternatively, you can get the enclosure all by itself for $48.

Installation is as simply as opening the drive up, slipping in your flash module, then screwing the enclosure back together again. Furthermore, OWC provides all the tools you’ll need.

Source: OWC

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