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Keep your Mac going strong with this high-end Thunderbolt gear


Expand the life and capability of your Mac setup with OWC Thunderbolt products.
Expand the life and capability of your Mac setup with OWC Thunderbolt products.
Photo: Other World Computing

This post is presented by Other World Computing, owner of MacSales.com.

For 30 years, Other World Computing and its website, MacSales.com, have offered Mac users great ways to upgrade and extend the life of their equipment rather than buying a new computer.

That goes for practically any product an Apple customer could want or need. But when it comes to Thunderbolt connectivity equipment — external drives, docks, hubs, cables — OWC really goes the distance.

This week’s hottest deals on iPad Pro, Apple accessories, more


These deals are hot, hot, hot!
These deals are hot, hot, hot!
Photos: Apple

One of Apple’s hottest products — the powerful new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, which Cult of Mac called the most important iPad since the original — is already selling at a discount.

We’ve got the scoop on that sale — plus sweet deals on other great gear, including refurbished MacBooks and spiffy Apple accessories — in this roundup of the best Apple deals you’ll find online this week.

Need More Screen Space? New Mac Pro Can Drive Six 27-Inch Displays


OWC Mac Pro drives Six Displays
2013 Mac Pro Driving Six 27" Displays (photo: OWC)

As the new Mac Pro trickles out into people’s hands, lucky owners of the world’s most high tech trash can have started playing with the machine to see what it can do. Over at Other World Computing, they figured that since the 2013 Mac Pro can drive three 4k monitors, it should be able to drive six 27-inch displays at 2560 by 1440 pixels – right?

The verdict? Yes, it can. Shown here is the diminutive dark tower surrounded by six 27-inch displays, radiating and reflecting in all their glory. Pretty slick. Besides serving as the ultimate multi-tasking system, this capability can also help drive things like video walls in museums, sports arenas and other on-location installations. Just remember to leave room for the stack of external hard drives!

Update: I just did the math, and this is equivalent to twenty-one 11-inch MacBook Airs…

Source: Other World Computing

Other World Computing Has All The Mac Holiday Goodies You Can Wish For [Sponsored]



This post has been sponsored by Other World Computing, which sells a wide range of upgrades for your Apple gear.

This holiday, why not treat yourself and your loved ones with Other World Computing‘s massive catalog of great-quality Mac, iPhone and iPod products and services. With a range of computer-expansion products such as memory/speed-boosting drives, tablet stands, cases, even a Mac-customized Internet service, OWC provides extensive U.S.-based technical support to Mac users around the world.

OWC Turns Your MacBook Air’s Old Flash Storage Module Into The Perfect External SSD


Recycle your MacBook Air's old SSD module into an external drive.
Recycle your MacBook Air's old SSD module into an external drive.

If you’re planning to upgrade the flash storage in your 2010 or 2011 MacBook Air, don’t just discard your old module or let it go for pennies on eBay. With the Aurora Envoy enclosure from Other World Computing, you can turn that old flash storage into an external drive that’s designed to match your MacBook Air perfectly.

Not Enough RAM In Your New Mac Mini? OWC Will Give You 16GB for $1,400


Image courtesy of iFixit

Apple’s latest line of Mac mini compact desktops offer some pretty impressive specifications. What with those latest Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and the opportunity to grab a solid-state drive with a custom build, you can get a super speedy mini if you have the money.

One thing you can’t get for your new machine, no matter have much money you have, is 16GB of RAM… at least not from Apple.

OWC Announces 480GB SSD for New MacBook Air


OWC's 480GB MacBook Air SSD

Other World Computing has just announced its latest Mercury Aura Pro Express solid-state drive designed for the latest generation of MacBook Airs. Boasting a whopping 480GB of storage, the upgrade offers nearly 4x more capacity than currently available from factory available SSDs, and is an incredible 68% faster.

As you’d expect from an SSD, however, especially one designed for the latest MacBook Air, these babies come at one heck of a price. The 480GB upgrade will set you back a staggering $1,579.99, but you’re not going to find this kind of storage for Apple’s ultra portable notebook anywhere else.