Google Chrome For iOS Hands On [Video]


Chrome iOS

Google launched their shiny new version of Chrome for iOS today, complete with syncing and many other features Chrome users on the desktop have been longing for. We dug into Chrome for iOS to see what all the hype was about, and upon first glance, it’s definitely an interesting experience. You can check out our full hands on video after the break.

  • MacHead84

    I found it to be very slow. I mean VERY slow. Ill stick with safari for now, maybe Google will update n make it master….but at least Google Drive app is very nice.

  • KarbonXX

    Very slow! Zoom sucks also.

  • jogamen

    Im having problem to log into my google account, but everything else is working fine and i can even see my bookmarks which are on my PC :S

  • Alfred2612

    Trying it out now. It’s very nice indeed!

    I don’t see any of the “slowness” others are reporting, if anything it is responding faster than Safari for me?! (iPhone 4S)

    It looks and feels so smooth and gentle. I feel they have out-Apple’d, Apple.

    Well done Google, good job. If only Chrome on Android worked this well!

  • iOSnoops

    Call me naysayer, but I’m not exactly impressed. The browser works well, but I fail to see what killer feature Mobile Chrome brings over Mobile Safari. Plus they both use the same engine (Apple Webkit) anyway…