Drive-In Turns You Car’s Back Seat Into A Movie Theater


Shut the brats up in style, with the Drive-In iPad case.

There are several iPad cases which have straps to let you fasten them to the headrests of your car seats so people in the back can watch movies. The trouble is, they’re almost all bulky and ugly, as they try to cram too much into one case.

X-Doria’s Drive-In is also bulky and ugly, but as it’s designed as a permanent addition to your car, who cares?

The padded sleeve is open at the front (no screen-flap required, and a good thing too as idiot thieves are bound to smash your windows in search of a hidden iPad that isn’t there), and takes advantage of its non-portability by slinging a mesh bag underneath for accessories.

A click-shut strap cinches around the headrest’s metal stalks, and all the ports and switches are left open. Thus arranged, you can drive safely while the rugrats in the bag suck in pacifying goodness from the electronic teat.

The cases cost $40 apiece, which is a lot cheaper than paying for the inevitable divorce settlement when you lose your temper with the screaming monsters in the back seat and clock them in the ear.

X-Doria: Saving marriages since forever.

Source: X-Doria

Thanks: Andrew