Apple Increases Mountain Lion Security With Daily Update Checks, Automatic Installs, More


Apple is getting serious about security for Mountain Lion.
Apple is getting serious about security for Mountain Lion.

Apple has increased the security of its fourth OS X Mountain Lion developer preview by introducing a number of new security features that will presumably become part of the software’s public release next month. 

The update introduces daily checks for required security updates, and the ability to install new updates automatically, or after restarting a Mac. This should mean that Mountain Lion users receive security updates quicker then ever before, and that they are installed straight away without the possibility of sitting in the Mac App Store untouched for months.

Additionally, the update also delivers a “more secure connection to Apple’s update servers.”

Apple is asking developers to “install this update as soon as possible,” and if it isn’t done manually, the software will automatically install itself in three days time.

Apple is clearly looking to crack down on security in OS X Mountain Lion.

Source: Mac App Store

Via: MacRumors

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