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iPad R*Case With Rear Rails Looks Amazingly Versatile



This is the R* Case, and it might just be my new favorite iPad skin, based only on this video. And not just because the case itself, with two old 80s-skateboard-style rails on the back, looks very useful. It’s also because the video itself is an engaging mix of hard work and high-cheese.

The case itself is ingeniously simple. The main part is a normal-looking rear skin, which is combined with a pair of rubber rails which run vertically up its back. These provide a good grip for one-handed use, and also stop the iPad from slipping off tables (or car windshields, apparently). But it doesn’t stop there.

The rails have channels cut into their inside edges so that accessories can slide between then like a drawer slides into its drawer-hole. The first of these accessories is a suction-cup mount. This is where the demo video first surprised me, going from cheesy infomercial to actually informational. After seeing the iPad stuck on the bathroom mirror to watch while you clean your teeth, who wouldn’t want to do that? Or sticking it to the inside of the car windshield — ingenious for GPS apps as the downward-facing screen won’t catch so many reflections.

The next accessory is a VESA-compatible mount, which will fit on a gazillion existing accessories.

And you could of course build your own. As soon as a review unit arrives here at Cult of Mac’s Spanish HQ, I shall attempt to fashion a bike handlebar mount.

The R* Case will go on sale on July 2, and will be shipped direct from Korea. The inventor Giejun Lee tells me that the site below should be updated soon with details of the case. I have a feeling that this will be a good one.


Thanks: Giejun!