Gmail For iOS Finally Gains Notification Center Support


Gmail iOS

In a long-awaited update, Google is finally brining some improvements to its Gmail app for iOS. The newest update brings support for Notification Center, “Send-As”, and persistent login, all useful features which should be well received by users of the app.

Upon release, Gmail for iOS was a mess, so these improvements are much needed. Although it’s taken a while, Google is finally bringing its Mail app up to speed with other alternatives such as Sparrow and Apple’s own Mail app.

Send-As basically allows you to send your email from an alternate address, while persistent login allows you to stayed logged in, rather than having to re-authenticate after a certain period of time.

Gmail’s other new feature, real Notification Center support, is probably the biggest deal. Now users will be able to configure notification options within the settings app, allowing them to fine-tune what alerts they want displayed. Google also claims that notifications are now up to five times faster than before.

Overall, if you use Gmail for iOS, this is definitely a must-have update. You can go grab it for free in the App Store here.

Source: Official Gmail Blog Via: iDownloadBlog 

  • MacHead84

    Suck it Sparrow

  • ApplePr0n

    I don’t get what the big deal is about apps like GMail and Spareow. Just use the native, built in app no?

  • snarfblat

    I like the GMail iOS app but I don’t use it because every time I open it (which is rare), it wants me to re-enter my password. I don’t have to do that with the built-in app. Until they fix this, I only use it when I absolutely have to.