Redditor Is Gifted An iHat, Hilarity Ensues [Humor] | Cult of Mac

Redditor Is Gifted An iHat, Hilarity Ensues [Humor]



Redditor saintt today posted a photo of one of the lowest-rent iPod mods that we’ve ever seen.

Dubbed by his co-workers as an “iHat,” this traffic cone-shaped monstrosity contained one song, and one song only.

Said saintt, “Coworkers built me an iHat with a built in ipod. Only song on it was ‘Wanna be a baller'”

We don’t make this stuff up, folks. We just report it. The comments in the posting on, an internet-savvy recommendation and forum-of-sorts, were typically hilarious, as well. User omgsus wanted to know if it came in white, while poster kmcg103 pointed out that it didn’t receive FM signals, like the original UK show, The Office’s Hat FM.

When asked why his coworkers made him this horrifying headgear, saintt replied, “My coworkers see me as an iFan boy. They hate on apple all the time and for some reason enjoy messing with me and my cube. I was at E3 a few weeks ago and when I got back my entire cube was covered in mouse pads. And they photoshopped me into every picture in a 18 month calendar.” He continued to explain that the iPod in the iHat was, in fact, originally his. Apparently, the horrid haberdashers are a bit on the cheap side, as well.

Saintt also says that the iHat is available online for $200 if he promises never to use an Apple product again. The Reddit community has yet declined to take him or his co-workers up on the offer.

Oh, yeah. Here. You’re welcome.