Camera Cooler Chills Cans, Coddles Cameras


SLR or six-pack? You decide.
SLR or six-pack? You decide.

I used to think that Wash & Go – shampoo and conditioner in one bottle – was the greatest combination of all time. That’s until I found out about the Camera Cooler, a camera bag and beer cooler in one. Clearly, the predictions that the Singularity would occur in 2012 were correct.

It all makes so much sense. A camera bag is a lightweight but padded bag with a squareish shape. And a cooler bag shares these exact same attributes. So why not combine the two?

That’s exactly what Poler did to make the Camera Cooler. When in camera mode, additional inserts keep kit cosy, and when in beer mode you can either rip the dividers out or use them to organize drinks and snacks.

The bag isn’t waterproof, though, so if you do fill it with ice, you should leave it to dry in the sun before putting the camera gear back in.

There’s also a pocket on the side for an iPhone or iPad, and the strap has a stabilizer so you can ride a bike without it swinging around.

Interested? You can pick one up for just $50. Or just head to the local dine store and buy an actual cooler bag, and pop your a gear in there.

Source: Poler

Via: PetaPixel