New Portable Mini Drobo With Thunderbolt



The Drobo Mini: Four drives of portable, redundant data awesomeness.

Who doesn’t love the Drobo? People who like to lose their data, that’s who. For the rest of us, today brings good news: New Thunderbolt-equipped Drobos, one for the desktop and one for taking on the road.

While the 5D desktop is neat enough (space for five 3.5-inch drives, dual thunderbolt posts and one USB3 port, SSD cache), it’s the new Mini that gets us excited.

Like its big brother, the Mini has two Thunderbolt ports (for passthrough) and one USB 3 port. Inside, there is space for four 2.5-inch notebook drives, stacked 2×2 and used for Drobo’s trademark data-protecting redundant storage array.

The drives are – as ever – hot swappable, and the Mini has a very neat trick which lets you press a drive and have it pop out, just like ejecting an SD card from a camera.

Best of all, it comes with a Thunderbolt cable, which makes the enclosure itself almost free (the launch price will be “under $650” for the Mini and "under $850 for the 5D).

The drives’ full specs, prices and launch dates are yet to be decided, but expect them to be announced next month. Then, expect to wait for another few months while every pro photographer on the planet buys a Mini or two. Drives not included.

Source: Drobo

Via: Engadget