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Noteshelf For iPad Gets Retina Update


The best note taking app for the iPad just got better.

Noteshelf — the best writing and scrawling app available for the iPad — has at last gotten a Retina update for the new iPad. And boy was it worth the wait.

Noteshelf distinguishes itself from apps like Penultimate (my second-favorite writing app) with great multiple notebook support and a zoomed-in handwriting mode. This last feature splits the screen into two. The top half shows your page at full size. The bottom half shows a zoomed-in section of the page allowing you to write in big letters which are then shrunken down to look nice on the page. The key is the auto-scroll, which follows you as you write and wraps around when you reach the end of the line.

But the big news here is the Retina graphics. On first launch of the updated app, Noteshelf will upgrade all of your existing notebooks to hi-res, and prompt you to visit the in-app stationery store, where you can update all of your previously-purchased papers and covers for free.

The app certainly doesn’t seem laggy after the update, and the ink engine is as good as ever. And like other drawing and writing apps, Noteshelf really shines with the high-res display. It really is like looking at a piece of paper. A glowing, brightly-colored piece of paper.

If you don’t already have it, Noteshelf will cost you a mere $6.

Source: iTunes