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Apple Sells 12X As Many Tablets As Samsung, Amazon’s Kindle Fire Is A Dud [Report]


No contest.
No contest.

According to the latest report by ABI Research, there is no tablet market… only an iPad market.

Case in point in Q1, 2012, Apple sold 11.8 million iPads. The second most successful tablet vendor, Samsung, sold only 1.1 million units in that same period. Apple sold twelve iPads for every Samsung tablet sold.

And the much ballyhooed Kindle Fire, the sub-$200 tablet that analysts keep saying Apple absolutely must release an iPad mini to compete against? It sold even worse than Samsung according to ABI, completely “fizzling” during the quarter.

Why do we need an iPad mini again, any more than we ever needed that iPhone nano everyone was talking about year ago? There’s zero competition! None!

Source: ABI Research
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