Comic Zeal Gets Retina Update And Better Organization


Comic Zeal is now much easier on the eyes.

Along with Instapaper, the iPad gets another big app update today. Comic Zeal — long my favorite comic-book reader — has gotten Retina support for the new iPad, along with a few interface tweaks which makes organizing your comics easier and sometimes a little less confusing.

The big change is Retina support. Comic Zeal already did a great job of showing your high-res comic art in spectacular Retina-o-vision even before official support was added, but now the whole interface looks better, and your comic book thumbnails will be rendered in higher resolution.

You can also choose to have the app auto-sort comics into series when added, so when you add a new issue to a series, it goes where you’d expect it to. New comics can also be set to be sent to the home screen, ready for reading or further sorting. Previously they were sent to the clever and powerful Slider (a sorting and holding tool), but this often led me to wonder where the hell my comics had gone.

These changes are all welcome, especially as reading comics on the hi-res retina iPad is pretty much as good as reading the real thing. This one has just been kicked back to my home page.

Comic Zeal 5.1.4 is a free update to existing users, and $5 for any comic fan who hasn’t yet bought it (if those people actually exist).

Source: iTunes