WIRED’s iPad App Goes Behind The Scenes On How The Iconic Magazine Came To Be


Check out Wired's iPad app to see how their first issue was made


Over the past two decades, WIRED has been looked at as one of the premier technology publications in the world. They’ve been churning out amazing tech content before some of our readers were born, yet they’re still going strong. The iconic inaugural issue of WIRED debuted in January 1993, but WIRED announced today that they are reissuing it on the iPad as a free download, filled with annotations and perspectives on how the magazine came about.

Re-envisioned using the latest publishing tools, the iPad version is a page for page replica with insights on how it all happened, what became of the stories, and subjects within from founders, editors, and contributors. They even have a 12,000-word oral history and archival images included in the re-issue so it’s like you were really there.

“As far as we were concerned, making this free for all of the readers who have supported WIRED over the past 20 years was the only option,” says Howard Mittman, VP & publisher, WIRED. “We knew we wanted to revisit the first issue for our twentieth anniversary, and thanks to Adobe, we were able to make that happen. The only thing more exciting than looking back at that issue and seeing how relevant it is today is being able to share it with the WIRED community.”

WIRED issue 1.1.1 will be available on June 1st as a free download via the WIRED Magazine app in iTunes.

  • KeithCowing

    I still have my original hard copy. It will be interesting to look at them side by side.

  • SkeenaQueen

    Wired ceased being a technology publication about shortly before Conde Nast bought it. It’s a lifestyle magazine, plain and simple.

  • crateish

    1.4GB!? I cancelled the download.

  • Pawe? Nowak

    Digitalizing magazines published prior to iPad era is an interesing issue. I definitely see business in that and wonder if there are such companies? 

    We have seen publishers use our http://www.presspadapp.com for that, but it’s not mainly this. Somethig dedicated?