Check Out Ashton Kutcher In His Steve Jobs Costume For The New Indie Film [Image]



Ashton Kutcher was spotted walking around Los Angeles this morning dressed head-to-toe in full Steve Jobs apparel. Apparently Kutcher was on his way to the set of his new indie Steve Jobs biopic –  Jobs: Get Inspired. From the late 90’s and onward Jobs was known to wear Levi 501 jeans, and a black turtleneck during public appearances. Jobs also mostly wore New Balance 991’s, but it looks like Kutcher is wearing Asics.

Production for Jobs: Get Inspired is now underway with a release date set for Fall 2012. You can check out a whole gallery of Ashton roaming the streets of LA dressed like Steve over at TMZ. We have our reservations about whether the film will be great or not, but Mr. Kutcher doesn’t look too bad in the Steve outfit. What do you think? Will Ashton pull this roll off well? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments.


Via: The Verge


  • Nick Cotter

    Dam this movie will be a flop but I will watch it anyways 

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick

    The title Of the movie sucks – hopefully they change it before the release

  • bondr006

    I’ll reserve judgement for now and hope he does a good job. I have seen him pull off a couple great roles. Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing it.

  • Diana Jacob

    I don’t know if Ashton will pull it off or not.  He just might surprise us all.  We’ll see.  I liked Noah Wyle as Steve Jobs in Pirates of Silicon Valley.  What I really want to know is… why do you have a Samsung Galaxy ad on an Apple/Mac site?  Kinda sacrilegious, isn’t it?

  • mr_bee

    He looks so good as Steve Jobs, but yeah, it’s a shame that the movie just isn’t going to be any good at all.  

    Horrible title, awful concept and Ashton can’t act.  
  • Django Spaghetti-O’s

    I will watch it only if Bruce Willis plays Job’s estranged dad.

  • ApplePr0n

    He only is like Jobs in looks. This movie will flop hard

  • Dominique Griego

    To all those who say the movie will flop? Bah, I doubt it. Of course hard core Apple Fans like ourselves think it will flop, but its Steve Jobs, anything with his name on it is gold, people will flock out to watch it at first, but I think after word gets out (if) its bad, it might not do as well. But I bet the opening weekend will be fairly good.

  • DugCrates

    No matter how you feel about this pick for portraying Jobs. I don’t feel like someone that has this level of celebrity, is going to be wise to play him. Ashton has so much about his own life and career put out for the world to see. It will hinder the ability for the audience to sink into the story fully. It already has been more about “look who’s playing Steve Jobs”, than hey look a Bio pic on our favorite Silicon Valley mega genius…Sorry a little bit of a Apple groupie. Anyway, I will surely still watch. Probably the point.

  • drblank

    Someone needs to break out the SmartWater, Steve didn’t drink sodas, or whatever is in the plastic cup.

  • Germán Villacreces

    I think Kutcher might pull this off, it didnt really matter who was going to play Steve, he would get highly criticized. People just need to back off and wait for the movie to come out but I do have to agree the title could have been better.

  • lucobull

    I prefer Noah Wyle. I watched ‘Pirates of Silicon Valley’ and he acted flawlessly to me. Noah Wyle did look like Steve Jobs in that film. Anyway, just wait and see what Ashton Kutcher will come up.

  • Liz Gordon

    Steve Jobs always wore his turtleneck tucked into his trousers … hope they get that right in the film

  • Downs

    Why wouldn’t they have Noah Wyle play him?

  • Jason Knowlton

    “Someone needs to break out the SmartWater, Steve didn’t drink sodas, or whatever is in the plastic cup”

    Its a Starbucks cup, so its not soda, its a black iced coffee. The words on the glass, the clear cup with green straw is a dead give away. And also, this was not during shooting, so it doesnt matter what shoes he was wearing or what he is drinking.

  • RobertSantellan

    At first I though that there was no way he could do this role justice, but recently checking his film back catalogue and watching some of his more serious roles, he just might have what it takes. I am actually really looking forward to seeing this movie and hope it makes the late great Steve Jobs proud…

  • Cowicide

    I’ll watch this movie if Meatloaf plays Woz.