SoundJaw Unlimited, A Passive Speaker Booster For iPad And iPhone



SoundJaw was a small plastic widget that clipped onto the iPad 2 and reflected the sound from its rear-firing speaker right back in your face. I have one, and it is great — low profile, unobtrusive and very effective. I used it on a trip away last weekend so that we could sip tea and watch The Mentalist in a seaside hotel room (the SoundJaw fits the iPad 3 just fine).

Now, Denver-based designer Matthew McLachlan has come up with the SoundJaw Unlimited. It does the exact same thing as the original, only it will fit onto just about anything — the iPad and iPhone, and also the Kindle, Kindle Fire, Nook and even the giant Samsung Galaxy Note.

The new SoundJaw will fit onto just about anything

The SoundJaw Unlimited still features a scoop-shaped back which gathers and redirects the sound. You’d actually be amazed at how much difference this makes. In fact, you can try it yourself: Play a movie on your iPad 2 or 3 and listen. Now, cup your hand behind it and reflect the sound back at yourself. Listen again.

The SoundJaw is like that, only more efficient and more comfortable.

The new design doesn’t mirror the lines of the iPad’s bottom right corner like the old one. Instead it has two clips which allow it to grab onto any device and — as long as the speaker spits sound into its scoop — it will work just fine.

Soundjaw 1
The original SoundJaw -- still going strong. Photo Charlie Sorrel (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

Matthew is currently hawking the product on Kickstarter, where you can pick one up for $10. The final price will be just $15. When you remember that this little gadget can almost take the place of a standalone external speaker, then that’s a bargain.

Source: Kickstarter

  • Emir Jo Al-Kafagi

    I just use a paper…. cheaper.

  • timothyevans

    I just use a paper…. cheaper.

    I just cup my hand, even cheaper.