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Rukus Solar Bluetooth Speaker Never Needs To Be Plugged In



The Rukus also comes in black and green, but if you want to leave it in the sun, you should probably pick white

What if I told you that you could buy a Bluetooth speaker than you would never need to charge again? “Charlie!” you would say, “Have you lost your mind? Have you been drinking again?” To which I would answer “No” and “Yes” respectively. Because such a speaker does indeed exist. It’s called the Rukus Solar, and it gets its power from the 620 million metric tons of hydrogen fused each second by the Sun’s nuclear furnace.

The Rukus looks like just about anything except a speaker. Binoculars. A portable radio (when placed upright). A ruggedized bathroom scale. But a speaker it is, with a built-in solar panel, a low-power e-ink display, a rechargeable 1500mAh battery driving a pair of stereo speakers (14W) and an integrated carrying handle.

There’s also an AC charger for duller days, and a jack socket for non-Bluetooth use. And finally, there’s a little hammock/pouch around the back to store your iPhone out of the sight of the Sun’s rays.

I’m sold. This looks like the perfect thing for camping, rooftop BBQs or even indoor use (if you keep it by a window). Plus, it costs just $150. That’s not cheap in itself, but not bad in the world of rechargeable Bluetooth speakers.

Source: Eton Corp
Thanks: Alyshia