The Perfect Stand For Your iPad: iRest [Last Chance!]


CoM - iRest

Every once in a while an “insanely great” offer comes around that can’t be missed…and this happens to be one of those deals.

For only $40 (which includes free shipping) you’ll get this flawless iPad accessory delivered right to your doorstep. (Please note: This Cult of Mac Deals offer is only available to customers located in the continental United States.)

This 2011 Macworld Best of Show winner was designed to be used not just at your desk or on a table, but also on your lap while kicking back on the sofa or laying in bed, the iRest lets you view your iPad’s screen in comfort with excellent stability.

Right out of the box, you’ll notice that the iRest looks and feels like a product made by Apple itself. It has an elegant aluminum finish and simple, yet solid build. With 60 degree adjustable reading angle, the iRest’s innovative design makes reading and watching with the iPad simply more enjoyable. The iRest also fits any version of the iPad, and you can also use the stand with your Kindle or Nook tablet.

The iRest is flexible, comfy, and easy to pack and carry. Once you get used to using it, you won’t want to be without it. I had a chance to test it out at Macworld | iWorld this year, and it is exactly as advertised: elegant, versatile and comfortable.

At $60 including shipping, its overall utility and fine qualities make it well worth the investment…at $40 and free shipping, this is an exclusive not to be missed! Get your iRest today!

  • sonofsci

    I like. 

  • Downs

    It almost looks like some kind of workout trainer haha

  • mr_bee

    Kind of an ironic tagline “free yourself.” :)

    The iPad is actually the freeing thing.  
    Adding a giant metal thingamajig to it with long handles, affixing the iPad to same and balancing the whole lot on your lap? …. not so much. 
  • ApplePr0n

    Haha pretty nice. I’d buy it 

  • speszel

    I have three of these. Best money I have spent. Takes the strain off the wrists when used in bed. Excellent for reading at the table. I bought others but they are consigned to the toy box for unused toys.

  • HickmanByron

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  • BiancaMol

    I’m not a big fan of its design, but it’s SO practical!