The Galaxy S III And iPhone 4S Ads Compared Shows Just How Much Samsung Has To Hide [Video]



Yesterday, Samsung announced their new Galaxy S III smartphone, a 4.8-inch monstrosity that doesn’t look a thing like an iPhone, but of course rips off Apple in many other particulars.

But let’s not pay attention to that. Instead, let’s ask ourselves what we can glean from the first Samsung Galaxy S III ad, especially when comparing it to a thirty-second iPhone 4S commercial.

So what can we tell after watching that? Well, in Samsung’s 60 second ad, they only spend 10 seconds actually showing the device. The rest of the time, they are showing various vague and gauzy life scenes, like a baby holding your finger or skipping in the surf, all to the underlying plinking of an emotionally manipulative piano score.

And the iPhone 4S commercial? A 30 second ad, 27 seconds of which is spent showing the iPhone in action. Nothing to hide, the iPhone 4S can speak for itself. The iPhone doesn’t need to try to tangentially link itself to a bunch of syrupy Hallmark clichés to make an impression. It’s a life event in and of itself.

Anyone else think Samsung feels like they’ve got something to hide?

Source: Guida iPhone
Thanks: Nicola