Who Needs To See Instagram Photos When Twitter Can Tell You What They Look Like?


It's tempting to fave every single one
It's tempting to fave every single one

Twitter feed of the week – possibly the year – has got to be Text-Only Instagram, which gently pokes fun at Instagram and the kind of photos you often see there.

“Latte with foam shaped like a heart,” it reports. And later, simply: “Feet.”

It’s satire, yes, but the problem is that it really works. Read those tweets and you instantly conjure up an image in your head that fits the description.

Don’t let the satire make you mad, Instagrammers! It’s just a bit of fun. And you can subvert it by making your Instagrams increasingly weirder. Someone might even start by, say, taking Instagrams of the the Text-Only Instagram Twitter feed. Oh wait, that’s started already.