Next MacBooks Will Be Made Of Liquidmetal, USB 3.0 Compatible [Rumor]


Back to black: your next MacBook could be made of LiquidMetal
Back to black: your next MacBook could be made of Liquidmetal

Yesterday, we heard an analyst report suggesting that Apple would effectively kill off the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lines and merge then into a single, streamlined device known only as the MacBook.

It was an interesting report, but analysts say a lot of things, including sometimes when they are at the bottom of a barrel of bourbon. But now Mactrast is saying that their own unproven source is echoing reports of a MacBook Pro/MacBook Air hybrid… boasting USB 3.0 support and a sexy, lightweight Liquidmetal chassis.

It’s an interesting rumor, but there are a number of reasons to take this with a grain of salt.

First of all, USB 3.0 support might be unlikely. Steve Jobs was famously against USB 3.0, saying that he didn’t see it taking off… but that was a year and a half ago. Since then, Intel has adopted official support for USB 3.0, and the motherboards Apple is buying from Intel for the next MBA likely come with USB 3.0 baked in.

As for Liquidmetal, Apple has had an exclusive license on Liquidmetal since 2010, but there’s still little indication that Apple can actually mass produce Liquidmetal in any sizable amount. The most Liquidmetal out there in the wild right now in an Apple product is in Apple’s SIM ejection tool.

Finally, would Apple really kill the MacBook Air line when it’s doing so well? Yesterday’s analyst suggested the line was merely matching Apple’s sales expectations, and that most users wanted bigger hard drives, but I don’t see Apple killing off the Air or merging the Pro and Air lines as much as re-introducing a slimmer MacBook that ditches the optical drive for a thinner footprint, but still ships with a traditional HDD.

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  • KurtALEXis

    wishful thinking.. *sigh

  • joewaylo

    Maybe a cheaper MacBook AirPro is in order? Like $999 White Macbook pricing?

  • salConigliaro

    Apple doesn’t buy motherboards from Intel. They design and fabricate the boards themselves.

  • oliverterrisse

    could it be a MacBook Touch :

  • aepxc

    Liquidmetal! Retina display! 802.11ac! Mobile Kepler! Quad-core Ivy Bridge! USB 3.0! Bluetooth 4.0!

    I really worry that rumours are overhyping what can be released… Then everyone gets disappointed and calls a significant upgrade (iPhone 4S, iPad) minor.

  • mr_bee

    This is just stupid. People are hanging a lot of futuristic hopes on liquid metal that it just can’t support. Not only is Apple’s paperclip the most they have ever produced with liquid metal so far, it represents the most *anyone* has done with liquid metal and the largest amount of it used on the planet so far.

    To make an entire laptop out of liquid metal would not only make the laptop cost a few thousand dollars extra, it would represent a blossoming of liquid metal use world-wide by thousands of percent. Ridiculous.

  • Finlay MacArthur

    No way their gonna kill off the MacBook Air. More than likely the new MacBook Pro’s will be slimmer, have duel hdd and sdd, with the omission of the optical drive and maybe a Retina display. oh and quad core Ivy bridge. It’s pretty obviouse really…

  • Chris Star

    The new MacBook Pair also comes with a built-in perpetual engine, giving “substantially improved” battery life.

  • Jhabril Harris

    People shouldn’t get their hopes up so high. First off, we expect TOO much for Apple, as you can tell from the concept videos that are always being posted on Youtube. Also, Apple tries to keep prices constant across their product line, so they’re not going to start major usage of anymore rare eath metals than they already do. But hey, a person can dream…..

  • gardiRulez

    Just to let you know: the picture comes from this blog’s article of about one year ago:

  • TopAgentWebsite

    Yeah, I saw a video on it. It was posted on here some where…. pretty cool, you can bend the computer to make it a laptop and a tablet :)

    Looks super cool actually.
    Regards Caroline,