The iPhone 5 Ice Pop Will Keep You Cool This Summer


It hasn't got a Retina display, a liquidmetal casing or LTE connectivity. But it'll keep you cool this summer.

While the real iPhone 5 probably won’t show its face until October, there is one that’s already available and it’ll keep you cool this summer. Spotted in a Taiwanese bakery, the iPhone 5 ice pop tastefully rips off Apple’s logo and its iPhone to become the perfect treat for any Apple fanboy.

The disappointing thing about the iPhone 5 ice pop is that it isn’t shaped like an iPhone at all. Although it clearly shows an iPhone and the words “iPhone 5” in big, bold letters on its packaging, it’s actually shaped like an Apple logo instead. Don’t be too disappointed, though, it does taste like mango after all.

Alternatively, you can choose the pear flavor. Strangely, it’s not available in apple flavor.

China is famous for its Apple knockoffs, with iPhone, iPad, and MacBook fakes that often look identical to the real thing. But this is by far the tastiest we’ve seen so to date.

[via M.I.C. Gadget]