98% Of Customers Satisfied With Their New iPads


Take that, Consumer Reports
Take that, Consumer Reports

Well, here we go again. Despite the crowing of many “journalists” looking for a click, or so-called consumer agencies which have dumped objective reviews to chase page views, the public loves it some new iPads. According to a survey by ChangeWave, fully 82% of respondents said they were “very satisfied” with the new iPad. And adding in the numbers for “somewhat satisfied,” (16%) we get a 98% satisfaction rating. Not bad, right?

Cheapskates to a man. Why not go buy an $800 Sony tablet instead, huh?

So what about all those reports of a red-hot iPad? Or the too-heavy, too-fat body required to hold all those batteries? Nobody cares but Consumer Reports. Only 8% ticked the box to say they “most dislike” the size/weight, and 7% checked the “excessive heat” box.

ChangeWave pressed further on this heat issue, which is smart as it is just about the only negative story the whiners have managed to concoct about the new iPad. When asked specifically “How much of a problem for you – if any – is the issue of excessive heat coming from your new iPad?” 89% of respondents say that it was no problem, or that they hadn’t even noticed it. Not a single person called it a “very big problem.”

It's all about that gorgeous screen

And the good? Can you guess what the best new feature of the iPad 3 is, according to its owners? Yup, it’s the Retina Display, with 75% saying it was their favorite thing about the new iPad. 22% cited long battery life, 21% prefer the LTE radio, 20% like the speed and 18% love the new 5MP camera.

To anyone with a brain, none of this is surprising. My new iPad has gotten warm exactly twice. Once during the initial 50GB+ sync with iTunes, and once when watching Mad Men using a third-party movie player, and wrapped inside a shell case and a folio case (the latter just to prop it up). The battery dropped pretty fast and the machine got rather warm. This is exactly what happened to my iPad 2 when Skype once went haywire while the iPad was in my bag.

You can read a summary of the report at ChangeWave, or you can buy the full report for the low, low price of $1,500. Yikes.

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