How To Unlock An Out-Of-Contract AT&T iPhone


Five years on, the iPhone's still got it.
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On Friday AT&T made an announcement that surprised many of us who had given up waiting: customers with an out-of-contract iPhone can unlock it to work with any other GSM SIM — like from T-Mobile. Now the official unlock is here, and the process is actually pretty simple.

Before you attempt to unlock you need to make sure your account isn’t in a longterm contract, your iPhone isn’t on a contract, and that your account is in good standing with AT&T. After that, the process is pretty straightforward. 

Unibody, 4-Inch iPhone 5 Will Push Apple’s Stock To $1001 By Year’s End [Analyst]


Image of what the next iPhone could look like via Macrumors

Apple is expected to announce its new iPhone later this year, most likely sometime this fall. Some expect it to be a drastic redesign compared to the iPhone 4/4S, with a larger screen and new unibody design.

Analyst Brian White from Topeka Capital Markets has dropped a note this morning, confirming these reports based upon a recent trip to China and saying that the iPhone 5 will be “the most significant iPhone upgrade” yet. He also expects that with the excitement it will bring, the iPhone 5 will push Apple’s stock to a crazy price $1,001 per-share by year’s end. 

Expert Says iPad Wi-Fi Issues May Be Caused By Bad Power Management



After ripping into the new iPad when it finally landed in their hands on March 16th, a sizable number of customers began to notice their tablet experiencing issues with Wi-Fi. Worse, it’s not an isolated problem with a few bad iPads: in fact, there are enough people complaining that they’ve managed to fill up a huge thread on Apple’s official support forums.

So far, Apple’s remained mum on what’s causing the issue. However, a repair expert thinks that the issue with the iPad’s Wi-Fi may be caused by bad power management to the Broadcom BCM4330 chip that handles Wi-Fi on the device. While it’s a hardware issue, though, the expert says Apple could probably fix it with a software update. 

Foxconn Exec Says New iPhone Launching In October



Last week a Foxconn recruiter thought he knew what he was talking about and told a reporter that Apple’s next iPhone is launching in June. However, he probably only knew as much as we do, and was just making an assumption based off Foxconn’s drive to hire 18,000 employees.

Interestingly, another employee inside of Foxconn would like to disagree with his co-worker. The head of human resources at Foxconn’s Taiyuan factory told reporters in an interview that the new iPhone is launching in October.

Apple Testing iPhone With 1GB of RAM Internally [Rumor]



While we know a new iPhone is coming this year out of Cupertino, we don’t know exactly when that iPhone will launch or with what specs, but what we do know is that Apple is testing prototypes of the new iPhone in its labs. This morning, a new report sheds some information on the new iPhone that Apple is testing, along with a new iPod touch.

Don’t Try To Use Your iPad In Portrait Mode While Wearing Polarized Sunglasses


Forget trying to wear your polarized glasses while trying to use your iPad in portrait mode.

Do you wear polarized sunglasses? If so, you can go ahead and forget trying to use your iPad in portrait mode while wearing them. You think we’re kidding? No.. when wearing polarized sunglasses the iPad’s screen turns black when using it in portait mode — rendering it useless until you flip it over in landscape. Devastating, we know.

Don’t believe us? Check it out on video:

Tweetbot Updated With iCloud Sync For Timelines And More



We’re huge fans of Tapbot’s great alternative to the official Twitter app, Tweetbot. This evening a very cool update for Tweetbot has been released, which adds iCloud sync for user’s timelines, direct messages, and mute filters. This update is a must have.

There’s also a ton of other fixes and features in version 2.2:

AT&T Will Unlock Off-Contract iPhones Starting Sunday


Five years on, the iPhone's still got it.
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Those of you who have purchased your iPhone off-contract, aka for the full price, will be happy to hear that AT&T will begin unlocking iPhones at customers’ request this Sunday. Carrier unlocking will allow customers “in good standing” to switch out the AT&T SIM for a SIM on another network, as long as the bands are supported. This is great for customers who want to travel with their AT&T iPhone internationally. 

Foxconn Workers Will Get Pay Raise In July


Workers' wages will be increased in July, the CEO of Foxconn said.

After the FLA found wide scale violations at Apple’s main manufacturing plant, Foxconn, both Foxconn and Apple promised to fix the issues by 2013. Issues that were found include the amount of overtime worked, compensation workers receive for their overtime, and numerous health and safety risks. In what looks to be the first of changes, Foxconn and Apple will be raising workers’ wages in July.

Security Experts Warn Of New Mac Viruses


Security experts are encouraging Mac users to get an antivirus program, due to new attacks.

A new set of attacks have made their way on the scene, causing a new set of problems for Mac users who once though they were safe from viruses. As most of you know, most Mac users currently don’t have an antivirus program installed, which causes problems if their Mac becomes over taken with a virus. Historically, Windows has been plagued with viruses, and OS X has been thought to be virtually safe, but today, a security expert warns Mac users of new viruses.

One-Third Of High School Students In The U.S. Have An iPhone


The amount of high school students with an iPhone is on the rise.

The sale of Apple’s iPhone has been off the charts, after the company sold a record amount of handsets last holiday quarter. Today we have some more insight on where a large chunk of those sales are going. According to a new report, one-third of high school students in the U.S. are owners of Apple’s iPhone. Even a larger amount indicated they hope to pick up the iPhone during the next six months. 

iPhone Users Twice As Likely To Connect To Wi-Fi Than Android Users



Chances are to save on your 3G dataplan, you’ve enabled Wi-Fi on your iPhone. However, if you’re an Android user, you’re less likely to do so. According to a new study by ComScore, 71% of iPhone users are connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, while only 32% of Android users are. So what could be the reason? Perhaps connecting to Wi-Fi on an iPhone is a bit easier. 

iPhone Selling More Than Every Other Smartphone Combined At AT&T And Sprint [Report]


Apple sold a whopping 37 million iPhones worldwide during its last holiday quarter.

Apple’s iPhone is a hot selling handset worldwide. This is evident after Apple revealed that it sold a whopping 37 million iPhones during its last holiday quarter, setting records for the company and putting it in the ranks as the world’s top smartphone manufacture. With the introduction of the iPhone 4S, Apple began selling the iPhone on the US’s third-largest carrier, Sprint, which helped boost sales, along with a larger availability worldwide.

According to a new report from Canaccord Genuity analyst Mike Walkley, Apple’s iPhone is outselling every other smartphone combined at Sprint and AT&T. However, it is facing some competition over at Verizon, specifically from Android.

Apple Hates Stifler: American Pie App Rejected By App Store [Exclusive]



The new American Pie film American Reunion is set to open in theaters this Friday, April 6th. To help promote the movie, Universal Pictures thought it’d be a great idea to release an app called Stifler’s App Suite featuring a soundboard of all the various raunchy sayings of  the series’ infamous support character, Stifler.

Looks like Stifler was too hot for the App Store to handle, though. An anonymous source has exclusively told Cult of Mac that Apple’s App Store review team has rejected the app due to foul language. The rejection has forced the Universal team to resubmit a watered-down version of the app. Stifler’s hardly even himself anymore.

Clever 8-Year-Old Uses Find my iPhone To Recover $350k Worth Of Stolen Items



No one likes a thief who gets away with stolen items and especially not 8 year old Landon Crabtree. After a burglar broke into his family’s house to get away with the family’s iPad and a few other items, the family got insurance money for the lost goods. But Landon wasn’t going to stand for someone else having his iPad and used Apple’s free Find my iPhone to recover the iPad. However, that’s not the only thing police found.

Actor Ashton Kutcher Reportedly Set To Play Steve Jobs In New Biopic



The “Two and a Half Men” star Ashton Kutcher is set to play Steve Jobs in a new indie film, chronicling the earlier years of the Apple co-founder. The new film is set to start filming in May, when Kutcher takes a break from filming “Two and a Half Men.” It looks like the former “Punk’d” host might have to grow out his hair and grow a beard in the mean time, too. 

Apple Raises iAd Revenue Share From 60% To 70% For Developers



Historically, developers have earned 70% of the revenue from application downloads from the App Store and 60% from iAd revenue, but today comes good news for those of you who use the iAd platform in your apps. Apple has revealed on its Developer Center that developers will now be earning an extra 10% from iAd revenue, boosting it to 70% in total. Is this Apple’s push to get the advertising service into more apps? 

LG’s New Flexible E-ink Display Heads Into Mass Production


LG's new flexible display heading into mass production.

Some might think that a flexible display is something out of a Sci-Fi film, however, they’re actually real. Samsung has already shown off its OLED flexible display, and today, we’ve gotten word that LG has now put its flexible e-ink display into mass production. Are these leading the way for a larger flexible display to land on the next iPad? 

This Tablet From 1994 Is Hurting Apple’s Defense Against Samsung [Video]



Apple and Samsung have been duking it out in court for quite sometime now, with Apple claiming that the Korean electronics giant has been “slavishly” copying its iOS products to use in Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets. In its case against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, Apple has leaned heavily on two specific patents for its defense, both having to do with the exterior of the iPad.

As if to point out the absurdity of Apple patenting the exterior of a tablet, Judge Koh, presiding over the case, notably held up both the Galaxy Tab and iPad side-by-side and asked those in the court to tell which was which from a distance. It took lawyers on both sides of the aisles a few seconds to answer the question correctly.

The judge’s point seems simple. Sure, the Galaxy Tab may look like the iPad, but Apple can’t patent that appearance… and to prove her point, she made note that in 1994, a television network portrayed the look of a tablet much before the iPad or Galaxy Tab came on the scene. If true, this could seriously destroy Apple’s case.

Foxconn’s Reforms Will Be “Life-Changing” For Workers, Says Labor Group


Foxconn iPhone assembly
Workers at Foxconn assembling Apple products.
Photo: Foxconn

After being invited by Apple to perform an audit at Foxconn, the Fair Labor Association released its findings today in a report. The findings were a bit mixed, saying they found wide scale issues primarily around amount of overtime worked, compensation, and safety. Apple and Foxconn agreed to improve on the FLA’s findings by 2013.

Labor group Human Rights First has reacted this evening, saying that Apple and Foxconn’s changes will help reform supply chains as a whole and will be a turning point for the industry. But primarily, the changes will be “life-changing” for the workers.

Crazy Mall War Breaks Out Over World’s Largest Apple Store


Security guards go to war in front of the construction site of a future Apple Store.

A mall war has broken out in China, as one mall is upset at another for working to open the world’s largest Apple Store. Yesterday, Apple put up posters advertising its new Store in the massive Parkland Mall in Dailan China. Neighboring mall Dalian Department Store quickly became concerned and sent its security team to knock the signs over. As you can see in the video below, havoc quickly ensued.

Apple Execs Cash In $314 Million In Stock In Last Few Days



Apple’s stock price hit an all-time high today of $614.48, making it the perfect time for shareholders to sell off some stock. That includes five of Apple’s top executives, who have cashed in a total of $314 million in the last few days that was previously awarded to them in 2008, according to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. CEO Tim Cook leads the way, selling a total of 200,000 shares — for an impressive $119,715,170 pay out.

But he’s not the only one…