Computer Carved Case Gives The iPad Wood



The Woodero is a slightly different take on the wooden iPad case. Instead of a solid sleeve (like several Bamboo cases we have seen) or a Moleskine-like book (like the baltic birch-frame Pad & Quill), it works like a cross between a pencil case and a desk drawer. It also looks rather impractical.

The Woodero is a slim box with a slide-off lid, and little else. Two grooves inside hold the iPad almost flat or propped up at an angle, and as you see in the video above, a Bluetooth keyboard can be precariously balanced on top, too.

The case looks nicely enough made, but I wonder — what is the point? There is no padding inside and the case — even in the presumably experienced hands of the user in the trailer — looks slow to open and, well, where do you put the lid? Compare this to any number of cases which offer protection, quick access, portability and good looks. And if you really want the ultimate in protection, try a Pelican case. I have tested one and I’d probably feel safe tossing the thing out of a plane. Well, apart from the whole opening-a-plane-door part, anyway.

Should you wish to encase your iPad in wood, though, you’ll have to wait a little longer. The launch date is listed only as “Spring.”

  • OvertonGraphics

    Looks terrible compared to Miniot’s and GroveMades wooden iPad/iPhone products – and their site is really 90’s like too

    Gonna have to step up their game TBH