Protect Yo’ Self From Muggers With A Brass Knuckles iPhone Case


Nothing comes between me and my iPhone thanks to the iKnucks case

This brass knuckles iPhone case isn’t straight out of Compton, it IS Compton. Meet the iKnucks – the iPhone case that doubles as a set of vicious brass knuckles. What better way to protect yourself from muggers than slipping this mean puppy around your fingers and throwing some haymakers?

Notice the spikes on the end of the finger holes that will help you deal a double dose of savage gangsta damage when villains try to mess with you and your iPhone. Full details on the iKnucks are scant because right now they only exsist as a picture posted on Thingiverse, which is a site that can be used to generate a 3-D printed version.

Even though they only exist in the digital dream world, we’re pretty sure some knuckleheads will actually make these things a reality, which will unleash a wave of terror on the public by those listening to Rap music while walking down the street wearing the iKnucks.


[via Technabob]