This Is What The Conclusion Of The Smartphone Arms Race Will Look Like [Image]


"Hay gurl, wanna play a game of Twister on my new phone?"

Not satisfied with your iPhone’s screen size? Want Apple to come out with an iPhone to rival the Galaxy Nexus’ screen? Maybe even the Samsung Galaxy Note?

Cartoonist Leslie Wood gives us a humorous take on what the future of smartphones holds for mankind:

The Samsung Twister HD III: One foot forward, two hands backward.

Yes, Leslie’s cartoon is a joke. But it hits the truth of what’s going on in the current smartphone arms race. With each new smartphone, companies like HTC, Samsung, Sony, and Motorola raise the bar by upping the screen size. The thinking that a 4.3inch screen is better than a 3.7inch screen is flawed, because it means each screen that is bigger, is better. It’s not. Unless you just want to get freaky with a game of Twister on your cellphone.

[via FWD]