This Is What The Conclusion Of The Smartphone Arms Race Will Look Like [Image]


"Hay gurl, wanna play a game of Twister on my new phone?"

Not satisfied with your iPhone’s screen size? Want Apple to come out with an iPhone to rival the Galaxy Nexus’ screen? Maybe even the Samsung Galaxy Note?

Cartoonist Leslie Wood gives us a humorous take on what the future of smartphones holds for mankind:

The Samsung Twister HD III: One foot forward, two hands backward.

Yes, Leslie’s cartoon is a joke. But it hits the truth of what’s going on in the current smartphone arms race. With each new smartphone, companies like HTC, Samsung, Sony, and Motorola raise the bar by upping the screen size. The thinking that a 4.3inch screen is better than a 3.7inch screen is flawed, because it means each screen that is bigger, is better. It’s not. Unless you just want to get freaky with a game of Twister on your cellphone.

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  • iDaBoss


  • Luis Dominguez

    As an iPhone owner I do think that the iPhone’s screen is too small, but I love IOS so much that I deal with it.  I think that at least a 4″ screen is perfect.  I mean, think about it, the iPhone is not just a cellphone but it is also a gaming machine, a mp3 player, something to surf the web, watching Netflix, etc…  I know I would love to enjoy doing all those things with a bigger screen.  When I play games on the phone I feel my thumbs take up to much real estate.  I think that bigger screens are what is making Android phones more popular to someone at first glance.  All in all, I hope Apple does produce the next iPhone with a bigger screen than 3.5″.

  • RadTech5000

    So true, I know many people who want a larger iPhone screen this next time around but I’m not convinced it will happen. People forget that if the screen becomes bigger it changes everything, like the way it feels and they way it handles. It also becomes less portable then before, in addition it changes other aspects some related to screen resolution and Apps and the way they handle etc. All of this might present future problems that Apple tries to avoid like other companies don’t. Apple has a very successful phone that is proven to work and I just don’t see them changing it’s size.

  • Buster

    i actually agree with you Luis. The iPhone’s screen could be a touch bigger. But it is pretty funny that everyone is trying to one-up each other by making a bigger phone.

  • Luis Dominguez

    I do see your point but I am sure Apple is more than capable on how to figure these problems out.  With a 4″ screen the phone really wouldn’t be too much bigger.  I don’t know, I am really just hoping that it gets figured out and the next iPhone I purchase will have a bigger screen

  • DAW1972

    I don’t think I would buy an iPhone anything larger than the current model. It’s the perfect size for single thumb use and the upper limit of not needing to make wardrobe compromises.

  • Luis Dominguez

    Have you ever used anything other than iPhone?  I had a Nexus S 4G and that was 4″ and that was perfect.  You could still use the phone with one thumb.  By the way, I am not trying to come off rude but a serious question as to whether you  have used any other phone size

  • davester13

    Apple’s already outdone them!  It’s called an iPad.

  • Dinnie Lim

    Personally I prefer my iPhone screen to stay the same size as it is now. It fits comfortably in my hands and most importantly, in my jeans pocket. I am sure that having a 4inch screen wouldn’t make that much of a difference but I will draw the line at buying a phoblet like the Samsung Note. Which is ridiculously huge.

  • DAW1972

    Luis, yes, lots of sizes. I even remember the 2.8″ trend years ago. Oddly enough, smartphones started at 3.5″ and then the trend was that 3.5″ was way too big and everyone went 2.8″. Some smaller. Those days it was smaller is better. Funny. When the first iPhone came out everyone criticised it for being way too big. :-) For me, it’s pretty hard to see how they can improve on the current form factor. It has such a great weight, size and overall feel. I am liking the way Apple aren’t doing change for changes sake and using a classic “iconic” approach. The only device that I think comes close is the Lumia 800 with its 3.7″ screen. It feels very good in the hard, looks terrific and just as importantly doesn’t force wardrobe changes.