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iPhone Case Packs Pepper Spray


Assault with a deadly pepper (spray)
Assault with a deadly pepper (spray)

The SmartGuard iPhone case might guard you, but it definitely isn’t smart. The iPhone 4/S compatible case will deliver a dose of pepper spray to U.C Davis students or violent attackers alike.

The SmartGuard case itself is just that: a plain case. Sadly there’s no app-controlled spray-actuator (preferably with iCloud support, har har). Instead you get a plastic case with a section at the side for holding SmartGuard’s pepper-spray deliverator. The slimline spray-can is locked when loaded into the case, close at hand when you need it.

Unlike the case, the pepper sprayer is pretty smart. You hold it like a flashlight or dagger, and fire it by pressing a button on the end. The spray issues forth from the other end, making it hard to spray yourself in the eyes.

With the rise in muggings of people carrying iPhones and iPads home in Apple Store shopping bags, it might pay to buy one of these cases before you get the phone. Or, if you’re feeling generous, you might buy a (very) early Christmas gift for Lt. John Pike. €37.50 ($50) for the case, €20 ($26) for the refills.

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