Hands-On With AirPlay In OS X Mountain Lion [Video]




Following our handy video roundup of new OS X Mountain Lion features, InsanelyGreatMac has published a video walkthrough of AirPlay, which allows you to mirror your Mac’s display on a television hooked up to the Apple TV.

As you can see, the feature works in much the same way as AirPlay on an iOS device, sending both video and audio from your Mac to your TV over a wireless network.

  • liamgreen

    Thanks for the video :)

  • s_ellerington

    You need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player to watch this video? Thanks a lot!

  • s_ellerington

    Link to YouTube to watch in HTML5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v

  • Jason Tremain

    So you don’t need to connect anything from your MBP to the TV as long as you have an AppleTV2 correct? If there’s an HDMI cable needed, this isn’t too interesting.

  • Adam Mackie

    Much better if you could use it as an extra screen rather then simply mirroring. 

  • david_morin

    I don’t know much, but isn’t that an imac that he’s using as a monitor. I swear i see an apple logo

  • jjjfjfjfjfjjf

    Did you not go to school or are you an illitrate? ofcourse there is NO HDMI cable needed, thus the emphasiss on “Airplay!!!”

  • ericlo

    I don’t think you can AirPlay to an Apple TV yet. A software update is required and it hasn’t been released yet.

  • ericlo

    Yes it is! Good eye.

  • minimalist1969

    Are there any limitations on the content that can be mirrored?   If not is this a workaround to the problems that Google had with content providers when the providers blocked the Google TV browser from streaming their shows?

  • Harold Kelly

    i tried a few times to connect with my Apple TV last night and I’m getting the same error message about this device not being compatible and needing an update.  Anyone else getting this error?  I’m on a MacBook Air with an Apple TV 2.  I’m interested to hear what you experienced.  Thanks!

  • Jordan Clay

     I don’t think it is compatible yet as the ATV needs updated to accept the signal from the MtnLion Mac. 

  • Harold Kelly

    thanks Jordan.  Appreciate the answer there!

  • Bob Forsberg

    The video presentation uses an HDMI cable. The producer mentioned it was sending video and audio over HDMI several times, and you can actually see the cable in the demonstration. Eventually, in finish form at release, OSX will stream wirelessly from a Mac, in the same manner it does with i devices. I currently use an inexpensive “brite-view” to wirelessly stream 1080p video from my iMac to my 73″HDTV without any problems.

  • Aufdenschlips

    what the heck? get over yourself!  Jason asked a question – not a tremendously good one – but he did it in an amicable enough way

  • Aufdenschlips

    not sure about your preferences but image quality of a tv is quite sub-par compared to a modern computer screen

    tried setting up a htpc on my tv, argh my eyes, really not something you want to use as a second or third screen – ok, maybe for movies only but this is way better achieved with just the ATV2