30 New OS X Mountain Lion Features In 2 Minutes [Video]



If you’re as excited as I am about OS X Mountain Lion, you’ll want to check this video out. Since only developers have access to the Mountain Lion beta at this point, I put together this quick video for all of Cult Of Mac’s great readers detailing 30 of the best new features of Mountain Lion, all jam packed into just two minutes. Check out the video after the break.

This isn’t a complete list of features, so if you found any more that I didn’t list, leave them in the comments.

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55 responses to “30 New OS X Mountain Lion Features In 2 Minutes [Video]”

  1. Dave Abrams says:

    You have blandest voice of anyone, ever.

  2. Timothy Williamson says:

    Very nice and quick run-down of the little features I hadn’t seen anywhere else yet.

  3. James Crowe says:

    The section about Preview being able to adjust levels and what not was already available in Lion. But other than that, great quick rundown.

  4. Cody says:

    WTF cult of mac…seriously…cult of Mac is using flash for video? Come on guys…i have to open the video through youtube bc they support HTML5

  5. tekunoloji says:

    How the heck is OS X losing the Mac before it and iCal and Address Book renamed to Calendar and Contacts features? They aren’t.

  6. tekunoloji says:

    worked on my iphone 4…can’t be flash

  7. Michael Steeber says:


  8. Guest says:

    The new OS X doesn’t look as good as OS X Lion. A sign that Apple is starting to fall apart because Steve left.

  9. Jdsonice says:

    Really? Looks good to me. Maybe you can elaborate. Thanks.

  10. Ali Vaseghnia says:

    Like the new update, hope to see Siri on it in next updates.

  11. Tronjheim79 says:

    I like the Quicklook-Airdrop thing.

  12. steven says:

     Is there somewhere on the web where we can watch and critique your amazing work, or do you just spend all your time putting down people who work hard to bring you useful media?

  13. Cold_dead_fingers says:

    God, you people….Mountain Lion is only an extension of Lion. Lion added all the tangible features of iOS like swiping, pushing, dragging, etc. Mountain Lion adds all of the actual software features like iMessages and reminders and iCloud, etc. It’s probably only going to cost $29.99, so I don’t see how Apple is starting to fall apart.

  14. Cold_dead_fingers says:

    I would’ve preferred a slightly longer video going into a little more detail, but it’s cool to see more of what this intriguing OS offers.

  15. fortninety says:

    Another awesome vid, thanks Michael!

  16. Kevin Olsen says:

    That’d be awesome.

  17. morgan3nelson says:

    seriously – maybe you need to get your goggles checked – the “look” is no different than Lion and the minor UI modifications look a lot more polished (especially Calendar and the loss of the stupid faux stitching).  Apple is NOT falling apart because Steve “left.”

  18. whatsjohnupto says:

    Great video Mike! I wrote up a blog post with a list of the major new features here. http://www.johnvarghese.com/10


  19. JhonnyAyrout says:

    Oh, dear GOD!

    I’m sure you were among those who said, “Lion sux, it’s not as good as Snow Leopard” and who also said, “Snow Leopard sux, Leopard is a lot more stable”, and you might as well be among those who hated the iPad on first sight.

    please, PLEASE! give it time… it’s only the first developer preview! there is still at least 4 months until the actual release.

  20. DrewAPicture says:

    Wow, you can now search from the URL bar and view saved passwords in Safari, way to be innovators of features Firefox has had natively for years, Apple. Perhaps Apple has finally sort of started listening to its users … or they’ve realized that at some point you have to sacrifice a certain amount of form for function to keep people interested.

  21. John Howell says:

    Bugger, my 2007 Mini is not going to be supported. But this fixes some of the things I dislike about the UI in Lion. Not sure about sliding the whole desktop over for notifications, I would have thought pulldown over the top like in iOS would have been more logical.
    And damnit, I used to complain about the cost of Windows, but Apple have manged to squeeze $30 out of me every year for the past two years now. Another one will nearly put it at the same cost of upgrading XP to Windows7Basic on my laptop 8)

  22. Nicolai Oseid Lyche says:

    Just like Opera has had for a lot longer…

  23. danielrmitchell says:

    Siri on Mac would be amazing, I really want it to happen.  Although I believe it will come to the Mac, I don’t think it ill come with Mountain Lion.  I think Apple will wait until it works better on iPhone (i.e. come out of beta) before it reaches the Mac.
    On saying that, hopefully Siri/Mountain Lion integration will be the push the Apple need to get Siri sorted now.

  24. danielrmitchell says:

    Siri on Mac would be amazing, I really want it to happen.  Although I believe it will come to the Mac, I don’t think it ill come with Mountain Lion.  I think Apple will wait until it works better on iPhone (i.e. come out of beta) before it reaches the Mac.
    On saying that, hopefully Siri/Mountain Lion integration will be the push the Apple need to get Siri sorted now.

  25. danielrmitchell says:

    And Chrome!

  26. danielrmitchell says:

    This seems more like an incremental OS update to me, something akin to Windows XP getting Service Pack 2.  Hopefully Apple will see it this way too and decide to with charge nothing for it, or a much reduced price.  Fingers crossed

  27. welladriansays says:

    Lion was less than $30, a full version of Windows is closer to $400 – i prefer Apple pricing.

  28. ferdinandcc says:

    That’s not true. I do!

  29. outposter says:

    Tight integration with Twitter and availability of “investment” money may be “future acquisition hint”…

  30. Ed_Kel says:

    And yet their stock price and market cap is at an all time high.


  31. Luca Acerbi says:

    I’m very disappointed of Apple strategy concerning OS.
    It’s a dramatic change of direction: in the past years the main goal was maniacal research of balance and perfection in simple things…. now it’s all about new gadgets and heavier and heavier OS…Next 2/3 years Mac will be a magic domestic entertainment machine…  but forget all professional or semi/professional users. Thank you Apple.

  32. mr_lizard13 says:

    They are.

  33. mr_lizard13 says:

    It falls back to Flash on desktop Safari.

  34. mr_lizard13 says:

    Don’t feed the troll ;^)

  35. mr_lizard13 says:

    What “semi/professional” functionality is disappearing as a result of this upgrade?

  36. PeterAM11 says:

    Barely noticed it in Apple’s own video and now glad to see it confirmed that you can search in Safari’s URL bar like with Chrome. I’ve been using a plugin to do this for a while. Glad it’ll finally just be there. Been waiting a long time for a separate Notes app as well.
    I’m actually really looking forward to this release. A lot of smaller, maybe less noticeable things but an overall better experience.

  37. tekunoloji says:

    And what do those pertain to, other than for naming consistency between iOS and OS X? 

    Feature my ass.

  38. facebook-505899793 says:

    Yeah, Apple used to charge $130 for OS updates, but has only charged $30 for SL and Lion. I have no problem with $30.

  39. Guest says:

    Everyone calm down, it was just an opinion.

  40. Luca Acerbi says:

    the problem is not bound to missing functionalities… it’s all about adding a bunch of gadgets and making OS heavier and heavier

  41. eject says:

    you clearly have no idea what you are talking about, if you did you would have said such an ignorant and odd opinion… it does even make sense

  42. eject says:

    Interesting points about the ‘renaming’ nevertheless right?. I have 2 or 3 thousand contacts installed from my palm using days to date and use my calendar as my memory… iCal has been with us for ages, so makes sense to start losing some of this ‘iThis’ and iThat’ — I think Apple went a bit mad naming everything iEverything… nice to see them calming down a bit… I like to see the synchronisity details between iOS devices Macs. Great updates, especially the notes syncing with iCloud and the new reminders app!  About time!

  43. eject says:

    Totally agree, its the little things that make the difference… we are in an age where we are fine tuning an incredible experience. I think we are all spoilt, syncing lists and notes and reminders with iCloud on all devices is a massive deal for me personally, if a client rings up I have the notes from my journey or the office.. or those little bits I wanted to pick up at the supermarket on the way home… these things work without epic setup and installation. 

  44. eject says:

    No your are wrong, that is why flash wasn’t added to the iOS platform… Most if not ALL of these features are things that I have been waiting for, bunch of gadgets, not at all? these are updates to core tools of the OS… Contacts, Reminders, Calendars, Tweeting quickly and other gadgets allow us to get more done in a day, so I can happily sit in my professional suite of App’s and do the more basic things with ease… Nothing is being sacrificed with the professional users, intact many things are getting cheaper and far more deep linking… Cheer up moaner!  its all good isn’t it? yes the entertainment side is getting huge for Apple but will be brilliant for everyone, contacts and calendar and email notifications will be available to pop up on my 50″ TV whilst watching ‘Homeland – season 3’ when I am sick of being sat in front of my Mac on professional apps all day long… The sooner I get every device synced the better… embrace it!

  45. mr_lizard13 says:

    On the contrary, there’s nothing here that could be described as bloat. If anything iCloud removes the need to have all files stored on the Mac. You can just pull down the music/videos/photos/documents you want. Messages simply replaces iChat, it just works with iMessage now. Gatekeeper has the potential to keep malware off the Mac so the system runs smoother. These are all refinements, designed to introduce consistency across iOS and OS X. For veteran Mac users, there’s hardly any change (a few apps have changed names, and the traditional file system remains visible.) But for new users coming from an iOS device the experience is more familiar. There’s no great chunks of additional code here.

  46. Guest says:

    I’m sorry if my opinion offended anyone, but like I said, it’s just an opinion. 

  47. Martin Bergström says:

    Well, maybe there will be ”under the hood” optimizations too that hopefully more than compensate for the new functionality? :)

  48. Mathew Winkler says:

    The reminders app is on OS X Lion, it is built into iCal.
    And the Notes app is already in Mail.

    They aren’t new, they are just pulling them to make them standalone apps.

    Which I am glad for, they are a bit confusing they way they are set up currently.

    Two thumbs up for making things easier :)

  49. Mathew Winkler says:

    I for one like the notifications on the side.

    It doesn’t take up the whole screen like on the iPhone. 

    I think it’s cool on the iPhone but on a widescreen as big as even the smallest 11” screen would be a huge waste of screen real-estate, just blacking out the whole screen, for what, other that to see the cool gray woven background. :)

    And if it didn’t black out the whole screen it would look goofy just being centered over what you are working on.

  50. Jesus Alejandro Espinosa says:

    You missed that when you copy files from an external drive or somewhere else, the finder displays the file/folder icon with a status bar and an (x) to stop copying the file/folder.

  51. Jack Durrant says:

    That’s true. A few years ago, Microsoft were charging £150 for Windows Vista when the only new feature people knew about was a new look.

  52. Jack Durrant says:

    I don’t think OS X is that heavy. My Mac is over two years old and I haven’t done any clean installs of OS X since I first got it, but it is still really fast. It is faster than my previous computers running Windows, even when they were brand new.

  53. Jack Durrant says:

    I agree. My Safari homepage is currently set to Google.co.uk, just so I can open Safari and search straight away. Now I’ll be able to have a real website set as my home page, like Facebook or something…

  54. cycomachead says:

    It’s worth noting that not all of those are ‘new’ features, and some which are billed as features offer a reduction in practice… 
    Not Features: 
    1. Preview lets you edit photo color and such since at least 10.6, and maybe before? (Certainly, 10.7). It’s essentially the same functionality as iPhoto. Those options are not new. 
    2. When has preview ever been able to create documents? You shouldn’t be allowed to select new, so this is a bug. 
    3. Location services options existed in 10.7 
    4. Redoing the accessibility design is NOT NOT and NOT a feature! It’s not bad, but in many ways the accessibility pane is LESS accessible than it was in 10.7 and soon (where it had a pretty consistent design since around 10.3, which was something that made using very easy for those of us who rely on it.) In fact, Apple has gone and mucked with the default settings for accessibility so that more options are turned OFF by default. Not cool! (More later.) 
    5. Sharing features really aren’t any different from Safari to Preview to Quicklook, it’s one feature which uses new OS X frameworks and should work in all Mountain Lion apps which add support for it. 
    6. Still new to OS X, but those stocks features have been in iOS for years. This was overdue. 
    7. Mail didn’t gain any new functionality with Smart mailboxes? They’ve been there forever, and have moved things around a tiny bit, like the outbox is now more visible, but it’s not new. 

    So, there’s other things that are new but weren’t in here: 
    1. iOS style scrollbars appear with items when you copy them in finder. It’s kind of nice, but has less info than in 10.7 
    2. VoiceOver now actually speaks during Mac setup which is nice if you need it, but sucks that they’ve changed other accessibility defaults. 
    3. Not a feature really: Mountain Lion no longer instructs users of scrolling changes – good/bad I suppose. Maybe it can tell if you’re coming from Snow Leopard? 
    4. There is a semi-useful new Accessibility options view which you can bring up by using Cmd-Opt-F5 
    5. Dashboard now includes a Minus button which is a lot more intuitive, as well as a back arrow to go back (when it’s in spaces) Though they removed Cmd-= (+) as a shortcut for adding widgets. 
    6. Speech Settings have been redone a bit too (but again: not really a feature) 
    7. AirPlay is a big feature, so that should have been in the video. It can also be selected from the Display’s menu in the menubar which has a new icon for AirPlay 
    8. Preview has a refined toolbar which is more clean, and simple, but moves vexing option to a single drop down menu 
    9. Time Machine allows for multiple disks. 

    That’s all I can think of for now, but Accessibility has taken a step back by default in 10.8, and that is not a feature!

  55. alucia says:

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