Beat The Crap Out Of People As Steve Jobs In Soul Calibur V [Humor]



The iOS version of Namco’s classic 3D swords-and-sorcery fighter Soul Calibur has been in the App Store for about a month now (and recently got an update guaranteeing 60FPS gameplay on all A5 devices), but if you want the true Apple Soul Calibur experience, you should check out the latest sequel for the consoles, Soul Calibur V. Only there can you create a character that looks exactly like Steve Jobs, then make him bludgeon sexy miniskirt babes, whip-tailed lizard men, and cyborg nights to death with a literal Apple. Awesome.


  • ddevito

    That’s disrespectful 

  • nevmac

    This stuff creeps me out. Not to mention disrespectful. h/t ddevito

  • warrengonline

     Why?  Elvis, Frank Sinatra and even John Ritter are alive and well in our hearts and are on tv and radio.  So, why not Steve Jobs or President Obama in a fighting game?  Its and honor and respect.  Youtube: Soul Calibur IV: Yes We Can

  • warrengonline

     Odd how you guys consider THIS respectful, but yet games like
    Lollipop Chainsaw make it onto the fray and ooohhh it is acceptable?  Wow.  Talk about the irony.

  • joewaylo

    This will get pulled pretty quick by Apple. Quicker than the Steve Jobs lookalike action figures that were made last month.

  • joewaylo

    Might not be as creepy as Chuck Norris if they used him instead.

  • MaxTremors

    I dont understand why this is considered disrespectful. I look at it more as a tribute or homage. Why is everyone so uptight and overly sensitive about death.