Apple Seeds Safari 5.1.4 To Developers With Improvements To JavaScript & PDF Handling



Following the release of Safari 5.1.3 earlier this week — which was bundled with the OS X Lion 10.7.3 update — Apple has seeded Safari 5.1.4 to registered developers. The release includes improvements to both JavaScript performance, and the way in which the browser handles PDF printing.

Apple is asking developers to test webpages that use JavaScript to identify compatibility issues, interaction with plug-ins and the appearance of plug-in content while zooming, and PDF printing from webpages:

Safari 5.1.4 Update for Mac and Windows

JavaScript Performance Enhancements

Safari 5.1.4 on Lion includes many fixes that enhance JavaScript performance. Please test webpages that use JavaScript and look for compatibility issues.

Plug-Ins & Zooming

Please test interaction with plug-ins and the appearance of plug-in content

while zooming. Please test zooming using gestures and keyboard shortcuts.

Printing PDFs

Please test printing PDFs loaded into Safari as well as PDFs displayed in iframes.

Using PDFs Printed from Webpages

Please test links in PDFs created from webpages using Safari 5.1.4.

The updates weigh in at 44MB for Lion users, 47MB for Snow Leopard users, and 109MB for Windows users. All of these downloads are available now from Apple’s Mac Dev Center, but you’ll need to be a registered developer to access them.

[via 9to5Mac]

  • brimstone93

    Safari, like IE sucks.  Firefox with all the addons is SO much better and user friendly. They should put their efforts elsewhere. 

  • ??nD ??os??A

    Firefox IS the new IE…overloaded with crap code and memory leaks. Why should Apple, who is leading the future of cloud based computing put their efforts elsewhere? The browser is the center of the universe for IT. You really have no clue as to the broader scope of the IT world or how Apple fits into it.