Bloody *@#%$ Wingsticks! Cutting Edge Shooter Rage:Campaign Edition Hits the Mac App Store



If today’s release of Id’s mind-blowing, Wasteland-themed Rage: Campaign Edition first-person shooter on the Mac App Store is any indication, the days of your mouth-breathing PC friends making fun of you because “you can’t play games on your Mac” may be numbered.

That’s because, apart from a few notable exceptions (some excellent titles from Blizzard spring to mind), top-shelf games that make it to the Mac platform often arrive years later. If they make it at all. But Rage — which was developed by id Software, the guys behind legends like Doom and Quake, and uses their new id Tech 5 engine — emerged on the Mac less than four months after it was released on the PC. The game isn’t quite identical though, as multiplayer has been left behind in Aspyr’s translation to Mac.

Gamers familiar with Borderlands or the Fallout series will recognize the concept as the player’s character stumbles around a post-apocalypse desert-wasteland fighting bands of rogues along with a more organized antagonistic organization.

Those of you with older machines (like, a year old) might just want to go back to PvZ though; the game requires 2.4 GHz (which isn’t that surprising, I guess) and a whopping 25 GB  of disk space (holy crap).


  • Mark Thompson

    HAHA older machine…. i got one of the first intel 2.2GHz i7 machines and this won’t work…. i feel like i bought this 8 or so months ago

  • Martin Topinka

    Aspyr Media has shown already with Civ IV and V that they don’t know how to program a game for a normal HW configuration… Rage recommended configuration is at least 2.6 GHz… Pity… At least it’s not a turn based strategy this time… 

  • facebook-1415418040

    I just wish all these aspyr games supported a controller. That is the only thing keeping me from buying any of their games. It is seriously one of the most annoying things I’ve ever come across. 

  • Steven Chaffer

    Its real sad that the best Apple has to offer in terms of graphics is a graphics card (5870) from 2009. Im a huge Apple fanboy but NOT of their cards. Im happy with my dual 580’s in sli on my gaming PC but I just wish I could just toss them in my pro and get rid of the PC…..but….not gonna happen.

  • Mike Rathjen

    So all my PC friends can play multiplayer and I’ll just play the “Campaign Edition” by myself in the corner. While crying softly.

  • Micha? Malewicz

    Bought it… 

    I have a 27″ iMac from late 2009 (3.06 Core2duo, 4gb ram, radeon HD 4670 with 256 mb) and it works painfully slow. In closed locations it’s playable altohugh textures keep changing quality. On “the wasteland” I get like 3fps most of the time. It’s a bad, overpriced port :(

  • Micha? Malewicz

    Hmm apparently running it in a window ( same res as fullscreen) fixed the low fps back to a playable level. Odd.