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Gaming Goes Social (And Streaming!) Like Never Before With Crytek’s GFACE



Crytek, the developers behind the Crysis series of games, are said to be in the advance stages of building a new social gaming network called GFACE that will be capable of some pretty amazing things. In addition to the features you’d expect from any social network, such as the ability to communicate with friends and share your experiences, GFACE will boast an impressive game streaming service that allows you to team up with friends and play together from a number of different devices. Think of it as Facebook meets OnLive… only better.

GFACE combines the same features you get from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and throws in a cloud-based game streaming service similar to that provided by OnLive. But it has some really terrific features that make it stand out. Touch Arcade reports:

It runs completely in the browser and lets you do all the sorts of social things you would expect from your Facebook, Google+ or Twitter – add friends, post about your interests, discover new people, and plenty more. You can also meet up with people online and enjoy media-type things together, sort of like how you can watch a movie with friends in an Xbox Live party.

But here’s the best bit: GFACE allows you to team up with friends and play games together online. So what’s new? Well, the role you play within a game depends on the device you’re using. For example, you could be playing a first-person shooter on your computer and you get the same experience you would from any other first-person shooter. However, your friend could be playing the same game on an iPhone but in a secondary role, such as air support. While another friend, who’s playing on an iPad, becomes the commander and gets a top-down perspective of the battlefield.

Both friends then become part of your team in a way that you don’t normally find in first-person shooters. I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited about GFACE, despite its unusual name.