Apple Updates AirPort Utility For Mac Adding New iOS-Like Interface



Apple has issued an update to its AirPort Utility application for the Mac, introducing a new user interface that looks a lot like its AirPort Utility app for iOS. It has also updated the firmware for its AirPort base stations, and the Time Capsule.

The update is available to download now via Software Update, weighing in at 14.3 MB for those running OS X Lion on their machine. Apart from the new look, it seems there are no other changes to the software:

Use AirPort Utility to set up and manage your Wi-Fi network and AirPort base stations, including AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, and Time Capsule. See a graphical overview of your Wi-Fi network and devices. Change base station and network settings, or manage advanced features such as security modes, wireless channels, and more.

Apple also pushed out the 7.6.1 update to its AirPort base stations and Time Capsule, which fixes issues with wireless performance and provides remote access via iCloud:

This update is for all 802.11n AirPort Express, 802.11n AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule models. It fixes an issue with wireless performance and provides support for remote access to an AirPort disk or a Time Capsule hard drive with an iCloud account.

[via 9to5Mac]

  • Doug Patterson

    It doesn’t support older AirPort Express. Check first.

  • ??nD ??os??A

    Did anyone notice that WPS has been quietly removed from the Basestation menu?  Kudos to Apple for removing that.

  • Juan david Benincore

    I don’t like it. Its not intuitive as the last one! 

  • Mike Lowrie

    Um why? I for one would like more features accessible to the admin, the airport series of devices while extremely convenient are sadly lacking in features other cheaper devices contain. Don’t get me wrong I love the simplicity at times but occasionally you need more control.

  • jim123321

    I like the new Airport Utility but the 7.6.1 firmware update killed my Airport Extreme completely, 4 hours later i have only just managed to get it going again and i think i shall stay with 7.6 now!

  • Bassem Iskander

    Does anyone think a newer time capsule or airport extreme may be in the works, been wanting one for a few months now and hesitant to buy if they may upgrade everything soon?

  • al friede

    doug, is that for certain, are are you just speculating? i have 2 older 802.11g airport express that control music to 2 zones in my house, and don’t want an update messing that up for me!

    thanks in advance

  • al friede

    bassem, this was just posted here on com very recently –

  • al friede

    killian, have you seen that it doesn’t support older airport express units? has it trashed your extreme like the one poster stated? i’d like to know before updating!


  • Simon Boundy

    I have 2 AirPort Express’ – The new Utility blew them both away… and after an hour or 2 resetting etc… finally got one back. The other needs an older version of the utility…  I like what they (AE) do when they are working… but boy they do random stuff sometimes – and poor of Apple not to build-in a version checker before it tries to update.

  • Declan Tyrrell

    Why is there one notification showing on mine also.