Microsoft Just Bought Wisconsin Students 1,400 iPads As Penance For Their Profiteering



Insult, meet injury. Microsoft has just inadvertently ended up buying 1,400 iPads to schools in Madison, Wisconsin. Bet they wish they were Windows 8 tablets instead.

Here’s the skinny. Back in 2009, Microsoft reached a settlement with the state of Wisconsin for about $80 million, the end result of a lawsuit claiming that Microsoft had cheated consumers by overpricing their software.

With this $80 million windfall in hand, the state set about trying to figure out what to do with it, and in December, the school board approved a plan to divide $2.1 million of the settlement among the schools.

With Madison’s share of the money, the schools decided to buy about 600 iPads for students this year and another 800 iPads next year. After all, what makes more sense than to use the money gained from a lawsuit concerning overpriced software than to spend it on the iPad, a device where the average app costs just a couple of bucks?

[via Wisconsin State Journal]

  • Kieron Hunt ?

    Misleading title much?

  • FriarNurgle

    I love the concept of getting tech ito schools. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. 

  • Luis Dominguez

    Man, you are such a Hater John.  You make coming to this site harder and harder now a days.  Your one track mind about everything is annoying.  I love Apple products as much as the next guy but I also have an open mind.  

  • tiresius

    Be gentle, it should be clear from these few words from the article that either John Brownlee still has not learned to “Proof Read/Correct Prior to Posting” (something he fails to do far too many times for an alleged professional) or that English is simply not his preferred language:  “… buying 1,400 iPads to schools in Madison”

      “To”?  “For,” perhaps?  

  • AppleKilledMobileFlash

    Well, this is what Bill Gates always wanted.  He believed that everyone should be carrying around tablets to do their tasks.  Only his dream might have turned into a nightmare because I think he only wanted Windows tablets to be used.  Instead his company is paying for iPads for students.  He can just mark it off as a charitable act.  His Windows 8 tablets will probably be a failure, anyway, so he might as well help Apple after holding Apple out of the corporate and educational sectors all these years with cheap Wintel PCs.  As an Apple shareholder, I’m hoping at least 30% of the schools at all levels choose iPads which will supply Apple with plenty of growth for the next few years.

  • Luis Dominguez

    And my comment was flagged because they didn’t agree with my opinion.  I love it.  I state my opinion and it gets flagged.  I guess it wasn’t an iopinion so they don’t like it.

  • KeiFeR123

    Even Mr. Gates knows that iPad is great.  Perhaps he uses iPad at home too… 

  • Brandon Dillon

    For one, this is a blog, not the New York Times technology section. For another, this is an Apple dedicated blog. There are all ranges of Apple enthusiasts from casual to extreme. If you don’t like that, there are a million other “milder” Apple blogs. His articles are more on the extreme end, but I like them.

    By the way, using the word “hater” makes people who use it appear to be douche bags or of a poor level of intelligence.

  • Brandon Dillon

    I agree, but I guess it’s somewhat accurate, in an indirect way.

  • Luis Dominguez

    Yes, I do agree there are millions of other Apple blogs but I do enjoy Cult of Mac.  I clicked on this article because the title was very misleading into what actually happened.  I just noticed that John Brownlee tends to take things to extreme side and is very unfair with most of his articles.  As for the “hater” thing, I will take your comment into consideration and try not to be a “douche bag.”  

  • Bryan Lee

    Wow, if Microsoft was overpricing their software I can’t wait to see what happens when Apple gets sued for overpricing their hardware!