QuasiDisk Sneaks Into App Store To Provide Tethering Via Proxy


  • joewaylo

    The fun never stops with unlimited data iPhone tethering.
    And it’ll be gone in 3 2 1 …

  • Cameron McFadyen

    This article does not explain how to set up your iPad to share your iPhone’s 3G connection.

  • Sdreed91

    Can’t get it to work. Did everything the video said

  • CVtown

    How the hell do you get it to work with iPad?

  • MacHead84

    You probably cant tether to an iPad since this is an adhoc connection

  • MacHead84

    When running an app like this does it run thru “quasidisk” servers? Like, how secure is using this that your information isnt being sent to quasidisk? I am not very familiar with adhoc connections

  • ScorpionGeorge

    Does this really work?

  • ??nD ??os??A

    Why would anyone purchase an app from someone that has knowingly and willfully circumvented an Apple restriction. I would never trust the app author.  They could just as easily have “hidden” features that look for your passwords and credit card numbers as you type them in and then send them back to the author. 

  • MacHead84

    While this is a good point. Being that the author is a known individual it would be pretty stupid on his part to attempt such a thing. Extremely easy for law enforcement to track down the author.

  • ScorpionGeorge

    Same here. Didn’t go through. Any luck now?

  • Sebastian Fernandez

    It’s gone…

  • instinktofficial

    No Longer Available!

    As of 11:15 PM Pacific Standard Time 1/30/11

  • 815Sox

    I just got my new iphone the day this was put up on the app store. Quickly grabbed the app. Realized that I still had to activate my phone. Of course its verizon and nothing ever works the first time. I had to restore the OS. Forgot to make a backup (first iphone) DOH! Might be for the best considering I have a grandfathered in unlimited data plan and would lose it if they caught me. It is pretty easy for verizon to detect it from what I hear. It would really suck to lose this plan I am on (its a very very good deal).