iTunes U Is Now An App… And A Whole Classroom On Your iPad [Apple Education Event]



This is a surprise: iTunes U has just moved on to its own app, and it’s a whole virtual classroom in app form. Why even go to class?

“We want to let teachers do more. We want them to do everything you need to take a class. The syllabus, everything. So we’re introducing a new iTunes U that lets teachers do everything on their iPad.”

iTunes U allows teachers to post messages to their class, assign work, give office hours and notes, post related materials and so on.

Students, on the other hand, can write their own class or lecture notes in iTunes U.

There’s also a Materials tab where you can see all the materials needed for a course collected in one spots. They can contain audio, video, books, documents (PDFs, Pages, Keynote), and even Apps. And if you don’t have any materials, you can easily buy them with iTunes U.

Professors can even download or stream their lectures for remote students.

According to Phillip Schiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing at Apple, at least six universities are already using iTunes U: UCLA, Berkeley, University of Paris, Tokyo, and the Harrisburg Area Community College. Between them, they’ve already created over 100 new online courses. Pilot programs are also underway at MIT, Duke, Yale and Stanford.

But even though iTunes U focuses on higher education, K-12 can now sign up too.

iTunes U is free today on the App Store.

[via MacWorld]

  • bplano

    The major question here becomes: what professors/universities are going to adopt this system over the ones they have in place already?

    Not to down Apple’s prospects or anything – I bet universities are looking for something that “just works”.

  • Jordan Clay

    Kinda disappointed there was no iWork 12 in the mix.  Hopefully it will drop soon though

  • Len Williams

    I went to Apple’s web site and discovered they’ve created a free iBooks Author program! I was delighted and immediately went to the App Store to download it–only to be foiled because it’s Mac OS 10.7 Lion ONLY! I’m still running Snow Leopard because I still need Rosetta to run some legacy PowerPC apps I can’t do without, so I can’t install iBooks Author. This is very short sighted on Apple’s part. I’m a graphic designer and can’t upgrade to Lion until I find replacements for several apps that I use daily that work with Lion. Color me very sad.