More And More Businessmen Are Chucking Their Laptops In The Trash For iPad



Here at the business desk, we love to hear ways companies are falling head-over-heels for the iPad. The latest is a survey finding Apple’s tablet is all work in the office. Employees use the iPad for business more than 90 percent of the time, refuting concerns the device would be tied up flinging angry birds at all those smug pigs.

The survey by IDG Connect found 97 percent of business professionals use the iPad for reading. The iPad’s use has also reduced the amount of time on laptops. Nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of those business people surveyed who own an iPad said they use their laptop less. Some 66 percent of business iPad owners say they’ve either partly or completely replaced their laptop with the Apple tablet.

As for business adoption of the iPad, the survey found 25 percent of companies provided the tablet to employees and an overwhelming 83 percent of businesses won’t consider anything but the Apple device. Today’s survey is just the latest sign businesses are firm supports of the iPad.

In December, we reported on the growing trend toward Bring Your Own Device to businesses. According to mobile security firm Good Technology, iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone rank at the top of the list for tablets and phones brought to work. Additionally, iPads are most often found in the financial and healthcare sectors — bother drowning in paperwork and ideal for Apple’s tablet.

And when it comes to the financial services area, Coldwell Banker is a big iPad fan. The company has placed 50-75 iPads in each of its field offices. Coldwell views the device as ‘perfect for luxury clients.’

But large corporations aren’t the only businesses using iPads. Throughout 2011, we saw the tablet adopted in areas where documents and manuals were everywhere, sometimes shrinking a load of papers down to just one pound. If 2011 ended with surging iPad interest by businesses, there doesn’t appear to be any letup for 2012.