Mac Market Share Continues To Rise While PC Shipments Decline [Report]



Apple has always been discounted as a major player in terms of PC market share, despite the fact that competitors try desperately to copy Apple products.

The latest market share analysis from Gartner for 2011’s Q4 reveals that Apple was the only PC vendor in the US to see actual growth year over year.

“Continuously low consumer PC demand resulted in weak holiday PC shipments,” said Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner. “While economic uncertainty in Western Europe had an effect on consumer PC shipments, expectations of a healthier economic outlook in North America could not stimulate consumer PC demand in that region. The healthy professional PC market as well as growth in emerging markets could not compensate for the weaknesses in mature markets, with overall growth still negative.”

It’s unclear as to how Ultrabooks will shape the global PC market this year, but all of the major players are banking on consumer adoption. Many argue that Apple started the Ultrabook revolution with the MacBook Air. In the fourth quarter of 2011, Gartner believes that “Consumers had very little understanding and awareness of ultrabooks, and only a small group of consumers was willing to pay the price premium for such models.”

HP maintained the No. 1 position in the U.S. PC market in the fourth quarter of 2011, but Dell gained ground as HP lost substantial market share in the quarter. Apple enjoyed the strongest growth among the top five vendors. Lenovo’s U.S. PC shipments grew 40 percent year-over-year, but its shipment volume was not enough to squeeze into the top five ranking (it was in the sixth position).

In light of Gartner’s new report, Apple has seen year over year growth in Mac market share of nearly 21%. The complete PC industry suffered a 5.9% decrease in market share between 2010 and 2011. One of Apple’s biggest competitors, HP, just saw a 26.1% year over year decline in US market share.

Apple will hold its 2011 fourth quarter earnings call on January 24th.

  • Goldie20

    Would tend to agree with this one. Five new computers in the last year and all are Macs … well three are Macs and two are Hackintoshes. Ironically enough the Hackintoshes are more stable than the real Macs.

  • ddevito

    Tim Cook: “Winning!”

  • Mssangol

    “The latest market share analysis from Gartner for 2011”s Q4 reveals that Apple was the only PC vendor in the US to see actual growth year over year.”

    Wrong. Apple wasn’t the only PC vendor with growth, but the only top 5 PC vendor.

  • Roger Ramshit

    Unless the Others category is made up of some new entrants which would mean Others could grow but individuals in the Others category declined.

  • Adrian Werner

    With the awful HD shortagess it’s not surprising shipments fell.
    That said, the biggest winner is Lenovo. They’ve grown 23% in the last quarter worldwide (yep, far more than Macs did, especially when you compare the units) and it looks like soon they might overtake HP as no.1 pc vendors.

    THat said, I’ve always wondered how different US market is compared to the rest of the world. Apple’s been growing like hell in US, while they barely managed to do anything markershare wise worldwide

  • kyle_gibson

    if by “copy apple products” you mean make a device thats rectangular, with rounded corners, and black, and attempt to compete in the same markets as apple- then indeed, we have aproblem…

  • timacheson

    It’s easy to gain market share at the bottom end of the saturation curve and when share is low. x percent of of not a lot is still not a lot.

    Windows Phone market share has surged by 277% in the past year.

    Windows PCs are at saturation — almost every home and business on the planet which uses technology already has one. Also Windows XP still works, it’s still the most popular OS. Also, PCs are designed to be upgraded rather than replaced, while Apple boosts huge profits by forcing users to buy a new model.