Get Free Unlimited Data On Your Verizon iPhone, Here’s How!



Right now, if you want to get an iPhone with unlimited data, your only option is to sign up with Sprint… but given how slow Sprint’s 3G speeds are, unlimited data isn’t really saying much. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get unlimited data on a faster network? Say, Verizon’s?

Well, thanks to a little bit of CSR hacking, you can add unlimited data to any Verizon iPhone plan. Better act soon, though. The VZW is likely to shut down this exploit as soon as their engineers get back from holidays.

According to Slickdeals, this is how it’s all done:


  1. Dial *611 from your Verizon phone, or 1-800-922-0204 from any phone.
  2. Wait for computer CSR to go through the main menu. You will need your Verizon phone # and account PIN or last 4 of SSN.
  3. Hit option 4.
  4. When it asks you what you would like to do today say “Add a feature.”
  5. If you have a 3G device (which includes all iPhones): Say you would like to add the $20 2GB 3G Mobile Hotspot FEATURE to your phone
    If you have a 4G device: Say you would like to add the $30 Unlimited 4G Mobile Hotspot FEATURE to your phone. According to…r-account/ , they may be able to locate this feature via referencing feature code #76153.
  6. Your data plan will now be the $29.99 unlimited data plan, and you’ll have either the 2GB or unlimited Mobile Hotspot feature on top of that.
  7. {OPTIONAL – if you don’t want the Mobile Hotspot feature} Log into My Verizon and remove the Mobile Hotspot FEATURE from your account. Many people recommend waiting a few days (at a minimum) to remove the feature. The $29.99 unlimited data plan should remain on your account.
  8. If they say they can’t add that feature to your plan, or that you must bundle your data + mobile hotspot service together as a single data plan, tell them thank you, hang up, and repeat the steps above.

And remember… even if this works out for you, Verizon could always put you back on a tiered data plan at a later date.

That’s a good point, and while I can confirm this works personally on my Verizon iPhone, frankly, if Verizon doesn’t hit the reboot button on my plan by the end of the week, I’ll be absolutely gobsmacked. Still, there’s always the chance they’ll keep making good, but the chances are slim they won’t close this exploit ASAP. So if you want a swing at free unlimited Verizon data, get moving.

[via App Advice]

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31 responses to “Get Free Unlimited Data On Your Verizon iPhone, Here’s How!”

  1. Fitz says:

    Thinking about doing this with my wife’s iPhone.  But she never goes over 2gb anyway…

  2. fuckPrime says:

    Your aren’t supposed to get transferred to an associate correct?

  3. Steven Lawrence Sr says:

    just tried it and after I said “Add a Feature” it transfers me to a Representative.

  4. brownlee says:

    That’s the way it should be.

  5. brownlee says:

    No, incorrect. You do it through a rep!

  6. xnickitynickx says:

    I just did it. You will get transferred to a rep.  Just tell them that you want to add the mobile hotspot feature.  Then unlim data will be put on as a result.  I assume you just wait a few days and remove the hotspot feature, but retain the data plan.

  7. brownlee says:

    Why would you remove the hotspot feature? They don’t end up charging you for it!

  8. pollix says:

    Well, if its free someday you may go over that 2GB.  Never hurts to go for free stuff!

  9. AGeleff says:

    I bet half of the people who are surprised that they’re being transferred to a representative are kids trying to do this with phones that are under their parents’ names.

  10. fuckPrime says:

    Got it! Thanks!

  11. fuckPrime says:

    As brown said keep the mhs feature, especially if you have LTE :]

  12. Ryan Ma says:

    Just called VZN and checked my account online…. i’m now on the $50 4GB Personal Hotspot plan. Not the unlimited plan anymore. :( I’ll probably switch back to 2GB in a while.

    Any updates from those who went through? Did verizon keep your unlimited data?

  13. brownlee says:

    I’ve still got my unlimited data and free tethering. We’ll see if that lasts, though.

  14. Brandon Dillon says:

    I went through this exact process in August/September. I noticed it when I went into the Verizon app for iPhone, and it said unlimited for the one month that I needed tethering. To this day, it still says unlimited data, even though I only used it for a month. I’ve been hoping that this wouldn’t hit the blogs for fear that Verizon would remove it, but I guess it’s only a matter of time now.

  15. brownlee says:

    Oh, I’m sorry, I’m wrong: it’s just pro-rated based upon how much data you actually use, I think.

  16. brownlee says:

    Oh, I’m sorry, I’m wrong: it’s just pro-rated based upon how much data you actually use, I think.

  17. Yakov Josephy says:

    i already have unlimited data plan, can i still get free tethering?

  18. Jacob61916 says:

    Does this work with iPad 2?

  19. Adam Bentley says:

    I just called and got my wife’s phone upgraded to unlimited data without a problem. I checked our account online right after I got off the phone and both she and I have unlimited data now! I had already been grandfathered in but she was on a tiered plan. I will cancel the hotspot feature tomorrow and the data plan should stick since they didn’t bundle here data. thanks for the insight.

  20. Steven Lawrence Sr says:

    every time I call I get “your call is being transferred and maybe monitored/recorded” and then a live rep answers :'(

  21. Vinny Rosa says:

    I tried and the rep told me I needed to be grandfathered in to even have the unlimited mobile hotspot put on. please help!

  22. Phillip Key says:

    I just tried this and can confirm that it worked. The rep noticed that the unlimited was put back on my plan and told me she wouldn’t tell if I didn’t tell. Thanks for the tip!

  23. Francis Plaza says:

    Called CSR who helped me add a $20 2GB 3G Mobile Hotspot FEATURE and checked my account, from 2 GB it now says 4 GB (2GB + 2GB MHS) for $50. No unlimited at all. Thoughts?

  24. xnickitynickx says:

    yeah, i’m pretty sure thats how it works, b/c right not my bill is showing as $30 for the data and $20 for the tethering. and it’s just my younger brothers phone, so dropping it would probably be the best option. Unfortunately :(

  25. timoftelaur says:

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  26. fiberm0ar says:

    Great, just keep spreading the word to major sites like Gizmodo so we ALL get our plans rolled back. Thanks. The people actually in on the deal, who weren’t prepubescent kids reading about it from some Apple blog/Gizmodo, become collateral damage.

  27. Steven Lawrence Sr says:

    will this work on HTC Trophy (Windows Phone 7) ? as looking on phone I see no mention of Mobile Hotspot or Tethering….

  28. Steven Lawrence Sr says:

    okay my windows phone doesn’t support Mobile Hotspot/Teethering so how do I add this ? :'( I want Unlimited Data :'(

  29. Mark Ramirez says:

    If you guys are interested in getting Verizon unlimited data well feel free to call me at 310-569-0728 or email me at I work for a private ompany that has Verizon unlimited data in Los Angeles. If you live near the Los Angeles area then I will email or give you the addres over the phone but if your out of state we can help too. Please no transaction deals from africa I will ignore you. We also have unlimited data for MIFI but only 3g

  30. RyMcG says:

    Do you still only pay $30 a month for data? Or are you charged more now?

  31. SupaMac says:

    This worked for me last year when you posted it. Thanks.

    I wonder if it still works? May lose my unlimited here in the next few months…

    I’ll post back here letting you know if it still works.

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