Fully Functional Siri Arrives On Jailbroken iPhone 4 Via Cydia [Video][Update]



Following its debut on the iPhone 4S back in October, it seems every iOS user wants to get their hands on Siri. A number of developers have attempted to port the feature to older devices, but because it needs to talk to Apple’s servers to function properly, they’ve had little success. Until now!

A fully functional (and possibly illegal) version of Siri has made its way to the jailbroken iPhone 4 via Cydia.

The package, called “H1Siri,” weighs in at over 100MB and is available now via the “Cydia.be” and “iphone3gsystem.fr/cydia” repositories. It claims to provide full Siri functionality on both the CDMA and GSM iPhone 4, running either iOS 5 or iOS 5.0.1.

Although the demo above shows the feature in action on the iPhone 4, you may not be able to get it working yourself just yet.

Those who have downloaded and installed the package already are experiencing mixed results. While some have it working, like the user in the video above, others report little success. It’s believed that the tweak uses a proxy server to function, which is currently being crippled by a huge influx of users desperate to get Siri on their iPhone 4.

Before you rush off to download the package, however, iDownloadBlog warns that installing H1Siri may not be a great idea:

… we were very skeptical of mentioning the package for several reasons. First off, it comes from an unknown developer and an unknown source, which should always send up a red flag. Second, the only way we’ve heard that an actual Siri port is possible is by using illegal code.

Their report also notes, however, that they’ve spoken to a number of users who have gotten the feature working “in short bursts.” Right now it seems very erratic, so you may want to wait until it’s working properly, and confirmed to be legal.

UPDATE: iDownloadBlog has confirmed that this feature does indeed use copyrighted binaries from the iPhone 4S which does make it illegal. What’s more, the group of Chinese hackers who developed the feature have confirmed that it uses their servers to function, and that they could now be down for weeks. When it is working, bear in mind that all your personal data is being passed through these servers, and that it could be recording along the way.

If you ask me, this hack just isn’t worth the effort.

[via The Next Web]

  • Peter Butler

    Yeah bit of a risk there. It’s interesting to hear that they’ve cracked it but I’m just not bothered about jailbreaking my phone again. :)

  • ahmad

    wellscrue my personal information 
    heck i want this so bad im ready to pay to acess a premium server that works well without load

    im getting the 4s ,, but there is no need to cripple the iphone 4

  • nmz502

    Sounds like China. . .

  • Phil

    Great, a bunch of morons will now crowd the servers and we, those who actually paid for it, will suffer for it.  This is a service that I paid for. Jailbraking a local phone is one thing, but stealing services from Apple is another. Apple is a sue happy company, I hope you dumb asses are prepared for it’s wrath. 

  • Rene Carmona

    Its uses a third party server….. not an apple server…. 

  • Phil

    Just because a barber rents a building doesn’t mean it’s okay for anyone to go in and and steal a haircut. Just the same as if the software is on a server that doesn’t belong to them, it’s still a service that is provided by Apple for customers who purchased the hardware licensed to use it. Jailbraking a phone is okay, but stealing remote services isn’t. This is theft and it’s a federal crime for hacking if I’m not mistaking.

  • Phil Manwill

    Take a chill pill. Dont get your panties in such a freaking twist. If they get sued, they get sued. Then we’re right back to where we were 3 days ago. iP4 users have lived this long without siri, we can wait a little longer.

  • Phil Manwill

    Plus, Rene is right. It wont affect legit iPhone 4S users AT ALL, AS NONE OF THIS TAKES PLACE ON APPLE SERVERS. So, chill out.

  • AlecmMoore
  • aegides

    yeah ever since iOS 5 i think i barely need jailbreaking. +1