Apple Completed, Then Killed A 64-Bit Version Of Final Cut Pro 8 [Rumor]



Apple’s release of Final Cut Pro X earlier this year was controversial, to say the least. While the update finally brought 64-bit support to the flagship video editing application, it left behind loads of functionality that users of Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Pro 8 had come to depend upon.

In fact, the debacle was so bad that except for the speed increases that came from Final Cut Pro X’s 64-bit support, many video professionals thought the update was effectively a downgrade from FCP8. Which makes today’s report even more incredible, because a prominent Final Cut expert is now asserting that Apple killed off a completed 64-bit version of Final Cut Pro 8 at the last minute. What?

The remark was made by Richard Harrington, founder of RHED Pixel, at a recent talk he gave alongside Larry Engel, American University’s Filmmaker in Residence, about Engel’s decision to train the university’s film students in Final Cut Pro X.

During this talk, Harrington said:

“There was a Final Cut 8 and it was 64bit and it was done and they looked at it and said ‘This is not what we want to do, this is evolutionary, this is not revolutionary’ and they killed it.”

It’s not clear where Harrington is getting his information, but if he’s right, that’s got to smart for the many film editors who have felt burned by the transition from FCP8 to FCPX. “Revolutionary” isn’t always what you want in an update to the software you earn your bread and butter on.


  • imajoebob

    With even less to support my opinion than Harrington, I’m going to blame it on the evil iOS.  Each day I believe more and more that if something isn’t extensible to iOS (like a 64-bit FCP 8?), it ain’t going to be coming out of Apple.  There are too many long-favoured bits and bots that fall out of applications to explain otherwise.

  • morgan3nelson

    OK – I have scoured the inter web and can find no mention of Final Cut Pro 8 as a real Apple product.  Do you mean Final Cut Studio?  Final Cut Studio, though shipping after Final Cut Pro 7, was still just Final Cut Pro 7 plus DVD Studio, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, color and Compressor.

    Alas, one who is writing about Apple products should probably use the proper Apple titles to garner any credibility :-)

  • Bob Forsberg

    Apple TV will be released as a 87″Plasma HDTV December 6th [Rumor]

    Can I get a writing job at Cult of Mac too?

  • CharliK

    Harrington has actually replied and said that his comments were taken way out of context and he actually said that he heard they were working on a FCP8=FCP7 in 64bit but it wasn’t released so they must not have liked it etc. But he actually has no idea if they really were or how far they got

  • ThothAmon

    It seems unlikely, with the amount of work involved, that they would engineer an entire program then just kill it. But then again, this is Apple.

  • Ariel

    Richard Harrington commented on this story


    My comment is taken out of context.

    I do not have explicit knowledge of FCP8. Wasn’t saying I did. Wasn’t implying I did.

    Just repeating rumors I had heard multiple times. I had been told many
    times that there were efforts to bring 64 bit to the type of interface
    used in FCP7.

    I am not breaking any news here…

    Comment is misunderstood and taken out of context.

    All I was trying to say to folks is move on from FCP 7. Apple has
    clearly decided to go in a new direction. People need to accept this and
    move on.

    Don’t care which app you choose. For me it is both FCPX and Premiere Pro.

    See Phillips excellent blog post on timeline of events.

    This is not news, it is a misunderstood 10 second comment in a 90 minute talk.

    ——end quote—–