Nice iPhone – Would You Like A Camera With That? [Concept Apple Stuff]



This is/will be/will never be the iCam, an un-product from the mind of Antonio De Rosa that combines a sleek future maybe-iPhone and a chunky interchangeable lens camera system.

Most of the iCam would comprise an aluminum camera body with lens mount, sensor (presumably), front-facing touch screen, and mini projector. Into the lens mount would fit a series of Apple’s own iLenses (of course).

iCam with non-existant iPhone

Your iPhone would nestle into the rear of the device, providing you with a huge image preview screen, virtual controls, instant global connectivity for sending images elsewhere, and access to all manner of apps for image editing on-the-go. Here’s a full gallery.

This is not Antonio’s first fantasy Apple product. Oh no, he has created a great many of them. The iCam is about as likely as the rest of them to become an actual product. But that needn’t stop any of us from looking and liking what we see, right?

In the meantime, you could just get used to using your iPhone’s volume button to take pictures, and buy yourself a decent all-purpose camera app like Camera+.

(Via GigaOm.)

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13 responses to “Nice iPhone – Would You Like A Camera With That? [Concept Apple Stuff]”

  1. SebastianOvrebo says:

    Love the idea!

  2. mark reinhoudt says:

    sorry, this is one of those concepts that is bound to fail even before it is drawn on paper. too many buttons for potential apple product.

  3. payam says:

    very nice, I would buy it. 

  4. John Lehmkuhl says:

    Apple: Hire this guy…. PRONTO!

  5. gannonburgett says:

    Nice design. The display on the iPhone though is the back of Canon cameras, so he’d need to come up with a different UI.

  6. ma2oliveira says:

    Would the iLenses sport iRings for an UI a la iPod clickwheel?

  7. Joe says:

    Another over priced iToy in the making. Only fanboys will buy, those with no sense.

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