George Clooney And Noah Wyle Are In A Hollywood Showdown To Play Steve Jobs In Upcoming Biopic [Report]



If I told you that Pirates of Silicon Valley star Noah Wyle was set to return to the screen as Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic based upon Walter Isaacson’s best-selling biography, you’d probably say, “Great Choice!” After all, Wyle was great as Steve. The role fits him. It would be wonderful to see him settle back into it over a decade later, and finish the arc.

Now, what if I told you that Noah Wyle had some competition for the role of Steve, and that competition was his old ER co-star George Clooney? What would you say then? My guess is your response would be the same as mine: “What the fffffffff……”

Cheesy British tabloid The Sun is reporting the aforementioned showbiz showdown between dapper, rugged heart-throb Clooney and beaky, dorky and adorable Wyle.

There aren’t any more details, but frankly, if this report is true, it sounds absurd. Steve Jobs was a handsome man in his own way, and very charismatic, but he had none of Clooney’s barrel-chested, twinkling-eyed machismo, or his cool, unflappable demand. I just don’t think Clooney can play Jobs. Jobs wasn’t a He-Man. Wyle, on the other hand, has already proven himself to be a fantastic casting decision.

Truthfully, I think this whole report is bunk. My guess is they’ll recast Steve Jobs with a far younger actor than Wyle. After all, it’s easier to age someone in a film than make him younger, and there are far, far more marketable young actors right now in Hollywood than cute old Noah.

  • Mark Richman

    Why not cast Steve’s son Reed? Looks just like him and he’s the right age.

  • tom

    I would like to see Noel play Steve again. George is a bit old looking to play a younger Steve. But I am sure that they can find someone else.

  • prof_peabody

    too soon for the movie (it will be awful almost certainly), and …. George Clooney?! Seriously? 

    He looks as much like Steve JObs as Leonardo DeCaprio looks like J Edgar Hoover or Howard Hughes.  

  • prof_peabody

    too soon for the movie (it will be awful almost certainly), and …. George Clooney?! Seriously? 

    He looks as much like Steve JObs as Leonardo DeCaprio looks like J Edgar Hoover or Howard Hughes.  

  • .02

    Clooney = over rated actor who’s films I now avoid because I cannot remember the last time one wasn’t as boring as hell. 

  • Ilovemrjobs

    Noah wyle is perfect to play Steve jobs! They even look like each other in the movie! George Clooney would just make the move a joke or something

  • Phil

    They can use both, Noah as young Steve and Clooney as old Steve. next subject.

  • Andy Murdock

    Pixar should make an animated version of the Steve Jobs book, and make it trippy psychedelic.
    These are the type of totally awesome ideas that pop into my head every few minutes.

  • Aa

    Yeah, and as a “writer” for a small trashy net blog your qualified to attack a mainstream ACTUAL newspaper with REAL journalists aren’t you!!

  • ppanah

    Letting George Clooney is just as smart as letting Eddie Murphy play Steve Jobs… Let Noah Wyle play or someone else that looks like steve and sounds like steve and can act like steve. Ktnx!

  • Teku

    That would be strange. 

  • MacGoo

    Check out his author bio – John is a completely legit author published throughout the market (and I’ve never understood the logic that blogs aren’t “real” news, and bloggers aren’t “real” journalists. Looking down your nose at someone has never made your opinion of them more substantial – usually it does the opposite).

    Seems to me that YOU’RE the one who should refrain from attacking, what with your sophisticated username and superb command of the English language.

  • Ayoopdog

    you are amazing. Please email Pixar about this idea.

  • MacGoo

    Makeup and CG can do a lot – if we’re going there, I have to point out that Noah is significantly younger than Jobs, and would have to have something similar done anyway to play older Steve. Clooney wouldn’t be a complete disappointment, although I think Wyle is the better choice.

  • Zoe_RILLA

    you a big Michael Bay fan I take it?

  • Zoe_RILLA

    you a big Michael Bay fan I take it?

  • Howie Isaacks

    Clooney sucks!  He has to be the worst actor I’ve ever seen.  Noah Wiley played the role already, and he did a great job.  Let him do it again.

  • Tariqaa2001

    Steve jobs did choose Noah to play him when he was alive

  • Beri

    Let’s keep in mind also that George Clooney is an *actor*, he’s not going to play himself playing Steve Jobs, he’d just play Steve Jobs. 

    That said – Noah all the way!

  • Aa

    “seems to me” – now that’s grammatically correct isn’t it MR MacGoo < quite original (not)

    As my username suggests….

  • anonymous1961

    I like George Clooney but no way.

  • Dave Abrams

    Also quite original: saying “not” after paying someone a compliment.

    Also grammatically correct: using two exclamation points in your first post.

    Your username is right, and we ARE all laughing at you right now.

    Be gone, stupid.

  • Jack

    Prepare to be surprised. They are negotiating with Keanu Reeves. And he looks a lot like Steve. Check this picture.

  • ideorium

    oh no, no Clooney pls

  • hiddencolor

    Ashton Kutcher should play the young Steve Jobs

  • MacGoo

    Oooooo, you got me there. I suppose I’ll have a short chuckle at myself for this minor irony once I’m done with the belly laugh I’m currently enjoying at yours.