Track All Of Your Most Precious Belongings Through GPS With BiKN Case For iPhone!



If you’re the type of person who spends a few hours a week searching for your car keys, wallet, dog, or other precious belongings, then the BiKN Smart Case and tags for iPhone could save you a whole lot of time.

Equipped with radios that talk to the accompanying tracking tags, the BiKN (pronounced “beacon”) case will ensure that that you’re always connected to the things most important to you — even when they’re down the side of the sofa.

All you have to do it attach one of the tags to an item you’re afraid of losing, and the BiKN case and app will allow you to track its current location, as well as sound an alarm if the tag ventures outside of its predefined range limit.

With BiKN tags attached to your belongings, you should never have a problem finding them again. Unless, of course, you also lose your iPhone.

The only downside I can see to the BiKN is that you must have that bulky case attached to your iPhone. But other than that, this is possibly one of the most useful accessories I’ve seen in a while. The marketing video above is also pretty great.

The BiKN is still in development at this point, so there’s currently no word on pricing, but it’s expected to launch during winter 2011.

  • prof_peabody

    Cute girl, horrible ad.  Can’t even understand what she’s saying.  

    A clear idea or demo of what the product actually does would be my first choice for an ad for a new product.  

    How does it find the tags?  Do they beep?  are you presented with a map?  Does it work indoors? (find my iPhone, the nearest similar product, doesn’t).  Awful awful presentation. 

  • MuggyLittleC

    Kill joy. :)

  • ElVox

    Actually, it does demonstrate what you are asking…it plays a tune and it shows the stuff in a map on your iPhone….as for it being a bad ad…yes, I agree on that…because it makes people who dislike kids dislike the product.

  • prof_peabody


    On the fifth viewing, I did notice a less than half second cut of what looked like a wishbone from a turkey, while the girl says “this is the way I find my stuff.”  

    That’s as close at the ad ever gets to telling you how the product works.  

    I like the idea of the product.  I’m actually in the marketplace for something similar.  However that doesn’t change the fact that this is a horrible advertisement that commits the number one sin of advertising which is to not actually explain what it is you are selling.  

    The girl is cute as I said, but there are a lot of other cute girls they could have used that can speak clearly as well.  They also seem so tied up in showing the cute girl that the actual content of the ad suffers.  It’s more a video of the girl than it is a product video. 

    I’m guessing the girl is related to the creators of the app.  

  • Vjets

    What company makes the BiKN? Has it been patented? It appears to offer the same type of GPS based system that is being litigated in Texas against 6 large corporations. I would like to contact the company (BiKN) because I just received the patent for a similar device, but mine has hundreds of applications, is much simpler and the litigation does not affect my patent or eventual product.  I have just begun to research companies to work with.

  • Fleet Managers

    lol – check out for some serious gps tracking apps