Questions For Walter Isaacson About Steve Jobs? Post Them Here, We’ll Ask Him Later Today



If you have questions for Steve Jobs’ authorized biographer, Walter Isaacson, please post them here in the comments.

I have an interview with Isaacson today at 3PM PST. It’s a telephone interview, and I’ll be sure to ask him some questions in the comments.

I’ll post the interview as soon as I get it transcribed, likely early Monday evening.

  • savernake

    What did you like least about Steve?

  • szbr

    How did he look like?

  • Binbash X

     Was Steve a moody person or did he follow an organized everyday life?

  • twitter-119563679

    Most of the people you’ve written about were diseased before you started writing about them. What was it like to write about someone who was still alive when you wrote about them? Are there some things you didn’t write about Steve because you knew he or his family would be reading the biography? Did Steve read some of the proofs of the book?

  • twitter-119563679

    I haven’t read the book yet, but I suppose it doesn’t mention Steve’s death or perhaps only briefly mentions it. Do you think you might update the book in the future with more reflection about his death and how it affected Apple and perhaps with more reflection on his influence on the industry?

  • M.A. Giardinello

    Did Steve have any gripes about the previously-axed title, “iSteve: the Book of Jobs”? I heard you (Isaacson) wasn’t a fan of the title –chosen by publisher. It definitely doesn’t sound like a title Steve would choose. How did you convince the publisher to change it?
    Personally, I’m glad it was changed. “Steve Jobs” fits the simplistic aspect of Steve’s philosophy.

  • Tomtsogt

    Why we as mongolians could not register at itunes? Was there any reason why some countries could not register in itunes? Tnx

  • Zulvianes Budiman

    We can always call Steve as an icon and inseparable for Apple, so what is Apple meant to him personally from the very last moment? 

    Thank you. 

  • Gk

    Who does Steve Jobs believe will continue to be the visionary behind Apple after he is gone?

  • Aghasi Yesayan

    Steve’s mom – Clara Hagopian Jobs was a daughter of Armenian immigrants. Is that true that Steve spoke/understood Armenian?

  • Attila Nagy

    I purchased the book but could not read it yet. I was wondering how Steve could balance his life between Apple and his family. Was he working all day and weekends or he could put that down and enjoy his family out of office? – If the answer lies within the book, you can skip the question. 

  • Alleyloot

    How was Steve’s workspace in his home?

  • Alexmac

    Not read the book, maybe is in it. How important was vegetarianism in Job’s early life? And later? I read he was eating fish later. And what about eastern philosophies? I heard we was a Yoga follower too.

  • Angel Watkins2012

    I heard Steve Jobs had a very unique personality and was not the most outgoing person. If this is true, was he always like this or did his busy and fast paced life change him?

  • AppleOpinions

    Do you (Walter) like Steve Jobs personality or despise it? 

    He is very mean and heartless however at the same time passionate and enthusiastic so…

  • alexwalls86

    What were Steve Jobs personality flaws and why?

  • mactarkus

    I get a sense that Steve mellowed over the years after being ousted from Apple, disappointment with NeXT and then having a family.  The stories of the tyrannical Steve seem to all be from his youth.  Perhaps this is addressed in your book, but how would you characterize his personality in the context of his entire life.

  • JustAnswerThis

    What happened in the last moments of Steve Jobs life? Was Isaacson there? Does he know what his last words were?

  • iKai

    What iPad and iPhone Apps Steve Jobs have, and which Apps Steve use always?

  • emil vivi

    Can Mr. Steve Jobs live again? lol

    Is Steve’s son/daughter will continue his/her father’s business as Apple employee or Apple Executive?

  • Fisun Alexander

    When does your book appear in other iBook Stores? For example, I can’t buy it in Russian iBook Store.

  • Tdowson89

    What was Jobs’ favourite third party app? And what would he prefer to use, a MacBook (air or pro) or an IMac?

  • dolphin

    What time did he go to sleep or wake up? How did his usual day look like?

  • Tom Kelsall

     Hi Walter. Do you know what it was which drove/drives Apple’s/Steve Jobs’ insistence on extending the walled garden into the device’s GUI and its appearance? Why wasn’t theming “allowed” and what made him so vehemently opposed to the “Jailbreaking” which became necessary to owners who wanted to push the envelope that bit further?We notice a lot of the things made available to Jailbroken phones made their way onto the device proper; was Steve using the Jailbreaking community to an extent as a free development resource?

  • FMZ

    After publishing the book about Jobs, have you changed your mind about “did he think to be the natural successor of Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein?”?

  • UncaughtException

    What was it specifically that Steve found out about his father that he did not like and was the reason that he chose not to include him into his life?

  • Buddyro7

    Does Jobs son, Reed show any interest in leading Apple in the future, continuing in his dads footsteps?

  • pinnovation

    Mr. Isaacson, many people believe that Steve Jobs was a modern-day Thomas Edison. Not everyone agrees. What is your view?

    And, just for fun, how do you imagine a conversation involving Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs might unfold?

  • Walter Bishop

    DId Steve comment on how the iPad is being used by people with special needs? Such as those with autism etc.

    The use of iPads (and iPhones) by those who are autistic or blind etc, is something I believe to be truly magical and inspiring. Literally changing those peoples’ ability to interact with the world. And it strikes me that if I were responsible for the development of such devices, it would be my proudest achievement.

  • MacChickGenius

    Do you think Reed or any of his daughters would like to be the CEO of Apple in the future? Or be on the board?

  • Brian0505

    Did he directly influence you to buy any Apple products during any of your interviews? If so, why and which ones?

    Is there anything you would have liked to ask him that you were not able to ask?

    Also, what’s the one major idea, phrase, or ‘truth’ that he left with you personally?

  • CJGasser

    Was there something he wanted developed but the technology hadn’t caught up to his idea yet?

  • Gregor

    Did your work with Steve changed your way of thinking or better what changed in your life?

  • Tgdefine

    I understand that Steve had some definite ideas about how he wanted his accumulated wealth to be used. Is that true, and if so, what can you tell us about this part of his legacy?

  • Brandonsjr

    We know that one of Steve’s next fields of the tech world to conquer was television.  With TV being perhaps the oldest and most pervasive means of technological communication in the US (barring the phone), why did he decide not to take it on sooner?  Was it because he preferred creating entire new mediums (ie- the personal computer and tablet), that TV was not as important as the other fields he did transform, or simply because it was such an enormous task that he needed years to develop effective ideas?

  • Gage G

    To your knowledge does jobs have any thoughts or actions ( such as future products) about the future of the world and how things will be ?

    For example Google and there idea of a eWallet and the NFC for credit card use .
    Think of that nature and or other things Apple has up it sleeve

  • Mish

    So the way Steve Jobs was describing it, do you ( isaacson ) personally believe that Apple will son be making television sets? 

  • George

    According to reports, Mr. Isaacson conducted over 40 interviews. When will he release the source interviews?

  • bayoyong

    From your experience talking with him, did anyone feel “safe” with him? Or was everyone walking on egg shells? Also, what turned him off from Christianity? Thx.

  • ChristopherPayne

    How many hours of conversations with Steve do you have recorded? Is there any possibility that you’ll make them all available at some time in the future? 

    I was very moved by Jonny Ive’s speech at the Celebration event. Any chance you’ll make your recordings of Jonny talking available too?

    Thanks for a terrific book: I’m thoroughly enjoying reading it right now!

  • Al

    Can you assure us that your book is an honest and unbiased warts-and-all portrayal of Mr Jobs? 

    If not, why not?

  • Adriana C

    Did Steve get choked up at any point, or did he cry while he told you stories about his life? What subject touched him the most?

  • Poggy Monster

    iPhone.  He MADE technology catch up. :)

    My Question: What did Steve find out about his father that made him not like him?

  • rick_wayne

    How many apps did Steve have on his iPhone?  And did he still have the stock “water droplet” wallpaper?

  • rick_wayne

    How many apps did Steve have on his iPhone?  And did he still have the stock “water droplet” wallpaper?

  • Hal Summers

    Besides Apple TV, did Steve have any hobbies?  I know he was married in Yosemite; did he enjoy the outdoors?  Did he like writing like his sister?  Would he go to a museum and enjoy the arts?  

    Basically, besides Apple, what did he do for fun?

  • esaruoho

    Hi. John Markoff quotes Steve as having said “There are things about me that people who have not tried psychedelics – could never understand” – did Steve ever elaborate on this topic during his interviews with you?

    Steve started and stopped the “Steven P. Jobs Foundation” 1986-1987 which focused on diet/nutrition and vegetarianism, so second question is: did Steve ever mention wishing to re-start this foundation after his passing?

    Third: How involved was Steve Jobs  in the Apple employee charity matching program which Tim Cook announced after becoming CEO?

    Apple has been granted patents on liquid-metal  hydrogen fuel cells for their portable devices (and also touch-screen solar panel-layer designs) – did Steve ever drop hints of future fuel-cell/solar-panel portable devices?


    An amazing musical tribute that makes music with Steve Jobs’s voice

  • Hal Summers

    Steve seemed to be a poster boy for ADHD, impulsive, temperamental, creative, intuitive, high sensation seeking, curious, irreverent.

    Did he ever go to any counseling, especially in the time after his firing?

  • Figurative

    Walter – Seeing how much disgust he had for Google because they ripped Apple off – how did he rationalize still having a seemingly cordial relationship with the Google founders and Eric Schimdt?

  • Figurative

    I’m guessing “Yes” and “Yes”.

  • Tdauphin

    Did Steve ever bring up the sweatshop in China where his Apple products were assembled?
    Did he feel any guilt about the deplorable conditions the factory workers endured? What about the ones who committed suicide?
    Did he ever consider setting up factories here in the states?

  • lkahney

    My interview With Walter Isaacson was moved forward because of his mad schedule. I just got off the phone with him. He was getting kicked out of his hotel in New York (where he’s doing a media tour) and hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch. 

    I didn’t get to ask as many reader questions as I’d liked, but  I got a few in. We’re transcribing the interview right now, and I’ll have a post (or posts) about it ASAP. Many thanks for your contributions everyone.

  • Shaun

    Given that Steve was such a private person, what does his wife and family feel about the book and all the revelations coming out? Are they at all concerned or apprehensive about all the attention?

  • Erick Ramirez

    Did Mr. Jobs desire to do a trip to the space station like many others millionaires?

  • Robert Pallante

    What were Mr. Jobs thoughts on the younger generation?

    Did Steve think Buddhism was a religion to him or a philosophy? 

  • ronin48

    There is NO excuse for not having Woz interviewed for the book.

    How the hell could you not in 2 years get in touch with Woz and interview him for the book?

    It’s inexcusable and saying it was a miscommunication is b.s.  

    What’s is the real reason?

  • ronin48

    He didn’t have ADHD.  That much is clear.  Not even close.  His laser-like focus, persistence, and concentration were legendary.

  • Gage G

    Odds are jobs felt that Woz would have put him ( Jobs) in a bad light

  • Adriana

    He found out from Mona that he had abandoned her and his mom.  Which is weird cause he did the samething to Lisa for 10 yrs.