AT&T Customers Discover Unexpected Messaging Plan Changes



If you are an AT&T Customer and you upgraded to an iPhone 4S this weekend you might want to check your account settings. Something fishy is going on with customer messaging plans. I got wind of it from a friend who is currently traveling in Alaska.

Apparently if you previously had Messaging Unlimited with Mobile to Any Mobile Calling on your old phone you’ll find out like I did that AT&T switched you to the Messaging Unlimited plan. That plan does not including the Any Mobile to Mobile calling feature.

The cost of the two plans is $20, but the cost to you if you burn up valuable minutes could be significant unless you have a significant amount of Rollover minutes to draw from. In that case it might not matter what plan you are on. However, I suggest you log into your AT&T account or call AT&T customer service to get it all straightened out. Before it costs you an arm and a leg.

We already know why they offer this enhanced messaging plan – it’s to keep that $20 you might otherwise be keeping because of iMessage in iOS 5.

Baaaah. Why can’t these carriers get anything right? It just never seems to end one customer service snafu after another.

  • Gundark

    Snafu?  I think it’s malicious.

  • CharliK

    Seems that David hasn’t read the terms that he signed because they state very clearly that this mobile to Any mobile can be discontinued at any time. They decided to discontinue it. You signed a T&C that they could so you really can’t fuss about that. 

    That said, in the end does it really matter that much. how many folks actually talk that much these days. Particularly folks that don’t just go ahead and get unlimited. If you looked at real numbers it’s probably very few folks. Texting and email have taken over

    Now if you want to fuss that they didn’t say something ahead of time that they were going to do it, that’s fair. Legally they might not have to but it would have been a fair touch

  • DavidWMartin

    Lucas the plan wasn’t discontinued – it WAS switched and not by me. Or at least not consciously. The whole process of ordering an iPhone 4S or any cell phone for that matter is a lot more complicated than it needs to be. I’m so tired of the complexity that I’d welcome Government regulation of the cellular industry to straighten it all out. I was upgrading my phone so why did anything need to change? Especially when the plan I had is still available. Face it all through out this whole ordeal people have had all kinds of problems retaining things like their data plans, etc. They also make it practically impossible to exchange the phone, etc. It’s all much harder than it needs to be.

  • C-breezy

    I just checked my account and they switched mine too… I think everyone should check to make sure they have their original sms and unlimited mobile to mobile plan

  • Daibidh

    A fair touch?  Regardless of what the terms say, it is not even remotely ethical to make changes without at least notifying the customer at that time.

    I enter into a contract in good faith.  It may possibly be legal but this type of behavior violates the consumer trust.  They have also unduly complicated the upgrade process.  The fact that every time they do, it seemingly favors them and not the consumer is beyond suspicious. They rightly deserve any “fuss” that comes their way.

    Not to be a complete jerk but your sense of acceptable business practice makes me hope we never do business. 

  • Helllotislate

    I was just checking out my account, and it seems they changed the requirement for the talk plan you have, at least for familytalk. I had the nationwide mobile to mobile with the plan I have now last month, but it now seems the plan I use is below the 69.99$ minimum needed in conduction with the unlimited messaging.

  • Horo

    It’s not discontinued. I was switched, too, but was able to switch right back to the plan that includes unlimited mobile-to-any-mobile.

  • Steve Peterson

    Thank you guys.  I’m not sure I would have caught the switch if I hadn’t read your post.  Spoke with AT&T this morning and got it switched.