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Cupertino Campus Spaceship Proposal Updated With Bike And Pedestrian Paths, Parking


Apple's spaceship campus as it will eventually appear.
More bike lanes and parking here.

Apple submitted a new proposal, dubbed Submittal 6, for it’s super futuristic circular spaceship campus in Cupertino. The revision includes new details like bike and pedestrian paths, enhancements to street areas, and parking spaces for the huge project, which is behind schedule and $2 billion over budget. The current move-in estimate is in the summer of 2016, a date that continues to show up in the lastest revision.

Majority Of iPhone & Android Users Pay Carriers Over $100 A Month


Is your bill over $100 a month? If so, you're in the majority of iPhone and Android users.

Want to know why a carrier like Sprint is willing to promise Apple almost $16 billion to get the iPhone on their network, or why carriers put up with paying astronomical subsidies just to get a single iPhone customer on their network?

As usual, it all comes down to the crisp, president-branded cabbage. According to a new study, almost 60% of iPhone users spend more than $100 a month on their wireless plan, compared to only 53% of Android users.

Sprint Does Away With 5GB/$29.99 Mobile Hotspot Plan



Sprint has nixed its 5GB/$29.99 mobile hotspot add-on for mobile phones and tablets in favor of a two-tier system. Sprint customers will now have a choice between a 2GB/$19.99 a month plan or 6GB/$49.99 a month plan. These new offerings should give customers more choice to better fit their mobile hotspot needs. Customers can also enroll in Sprint’s MHS notification program to be notified when they reach 75, 90 and 100 percent of their on-network monthly data limit.

AT&T CEO: Family Data Sharing Plans Coming Soon


Your iPad and iPhone might soon share the same data allowance.
Your iPad and iPhone might soon share the same data allowance.

Would you like to share your monthly data allotment between you and your partner, or your iPhone and your iPad? AT&T and Verizon have been hemming and hawing about shared data plans since 2011, but recent comments by Ralph de la Vega, CEO of AT&T’s mobile business, seemingly indicate that for Ma Bell’s customers, shared data plans may be coming very soon indeed.

Verizon’s Getting Ready To Let Your iPad And iPhone Share The Same Data Plan



If you think about it, it’s pretty convoluted having a separate data plan for both your iPhone and iPad when you could just pay your carrier a lump sum and share a data allowance between the two. Verizon and AT&T certainly think so: they said as far back as June last year that they were investigating shared data plans.

Now, just a couple months before the iPad 3 is expected to debut, Engadget has gotten a tip that suggests that Verizon is getting ready to roll out shared data plans sometimes soon, allowing one account holder to share a data pool between multiple devices for just a $9.99 fee.

AT&T Customers Discover Unexpected Messaging Plan Changes



If you are an AT&T Customer and you upgraded to an iPhone 4S this weekend you might want to check your account settings. Something fishy is going on with customer messaging plans. I got wind of it from a friend who is currently traveling in Alaska.

Apparently if you previously had Messaging Unlimited with Mobile to Any Mobile Calling on your old phone you’ll find out like I did that AT&T switched you to the Messaging Unlimited plan. That plan does not including the Any Mobile to Mobile calling feature.