Westboro Baptist Church Puts Out Call To Protest Steve Jobs’ Funeral Using Twitter for iPhone



Those mother$@#!-ers! The hate mongering, homophobic sons of bitches at the Westboro Baptist Church are already planning on protesting Steve Jobs funeral. And without a hint of irony, they put out the call for the protest using Twitter for iPhone. Those evil, detestable idiots.

The call to protest Steve Jobs’ funeral was made by Margie Phelps, daughter of Fred Phelps, the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church whose past actions have included protesting the deaths of military servicemen, proclaiming Barack Obama to be the antichrist, and famously declaring that “God Hates Fags.”

“Westboro will picket his funeral. He had a huge platform; gave God no glory & taught sin,” said Margie Phelps on Wednesday night, using her iPhone.

I don’t think there’s a frickin’ chance these jokers will get anywhere near Steve Jobs’ funeral. The chances, in fact, of Steve Jobs having a public funeral are slim to none. If they’re successful, though, they may very well bite off more than they can chew. Here at Cult of Mac, we’ve seen incredible blowback in the past for even there being the perception that we are criticizing Steve. If these hateful tools even get within 1,000 feet of Steve Jobs’ body, my guess is they’ll be sneezing spleen by the end of the day as a horde of the Apple faithful descend and rain blows down upon them.

  • Frap1412

    What kind of idiots are…….

  • Chris

    I hope you all know that these idiots don’t represent christianity in it’s majority. I would not even call those guys christian.

  • JonathanM

    ya, like God gives a shit about them…

  • Daibidh

    Ugh.. free speech.  Why do they have to eff it up for the rest of us?!

  • JonathanM

    i wouldn’t call them human!

  • Philip Rodger

    These people need a serious reality check. Doesn’t it say in the Bible that God loves EVERYONE and that EVERYONE will go to heaven if they repent their sins. These people are spreading hate and violence to people that don’t deserve it. They make me sick!

  • Anthony Fear

    Guys the best thing you can do – is not give them any air time! Don’t even report on their obvious publicity stunt! 

  • Christopher Cobble

    What an ignorant, deceived group of people. I’m a “Baptist”…I hate to even be associated with those “Baptists.” Steve Jobs was a VERY talented, amazing individual and whether he gave God the glory or not does not give anyone the right to respond as they claim they will. Jesus said “Let the person who hasn’t sinned cast the first stone.” Well, if they really were Bible-abiding people, they would know they are not perfect enough to justify that. I would love to see Steve Jobs in Heaven, he was gifted and will be missed by many. Also, very unappreciative people too. Use your Mac, and your iPhone. God uses people sometimes. He used Jobs to make some huge advances in technology!

  • Jackie

    I guess whack jobs do exist… who let these idots out of their cage?  Let Steve Jobs R.I.P.

  • Gordon Terry

    If only there was some magical book that told us how we should treat others…

    Oh, right! It’s called the bible, and it commands us to kill them. Immoral book, IMHO.

  • Lewisbey

    I’d love to show them about my right to bare arms!

  • David Edwards

    If they are holding a public funeral, I will so badly want to go with all of my cars, friends, and family to make sure these whack jobs get nowhere near Steve and his family.  I mean common!  They family just lost somebody, the world just lost somebody and these people don’t even care! Leave Steve and his family alone, OK?  They have been through enough already.  Don’t make them go thru this.

  • b1scu1t

    This is seriously just all kinds of wrong. Bunch of hypocritical barbaric fools!!!!
    I’m Christian and I believe Jobs, as much as anyone else, at least DESERVES to be buried and mourned in peace. Christ did not preach these kinds of things?!?

    Judge not lest ye be judged Phelps!!
    Leave that to The Creator you claim to follow!!!

    This is such an embarrassment. [facepalm]

    Wonder how much this “Margie Phelps” will like it if her husband dies and I go piss on his grave during the funeral?!?!?! 

    Everyone deserves to be treated with respect especially after they pass away.

  • Evan Benford

    These are the kind of people who smear Christianity and make it look bad to everyone…the reason there are so many atheist and people who spit on religion. As a Christian i cant stand these people. Its clear they have a conflict of interest.

  • Ed_Kel

    I wasn’t going to write in on this one but I have to give my 2 cents…

    This is just uncalled for. Church goers, of all people, should know that God hates nobody. To use anyone’s funeral as an outlet is just sinfully wrong.

    Very unprofessional of you, John, to insight violence on anyone. Don’t stoop to their level.

  • charliesheenhardcore

    These people should be taken off the earth. This is what makes the world a horrible place.

  • Nikhilesh Joshi

    This is f**kin crazy. What is wrong with this people? I feel saddened that people like this still exist.

    This is just sad. No religion spreads the idea of killing a fellow human being. 

  • likethepear

    Well, as a gay man, I say to all you straight Apple fans WELCOME TO MY WORLD! lol, I’m used to this kind of crap. Isn’t it fun?! I remember when that doofus tried to come here to Canada to spread his hate speech and the border guards told him to take off, eh. 

  • Ron Mc

    That Church makes me ashamed to be from Kansas. GOD Bless you Steve Jobs. You are my hero.

  • BrotherShane

    Last night the news reported that his service will be private.

  • Connor Mulcahey

    I bet a lot of their opinions came from their idiot parents

  • Bobby Arlauskas

    The thing to remember is that Westboro is a business built on inciting people to react so they can sue them. The whole family act like lawyers and they really want you (or the police, or the city) to cross the line so they can sue you. http://kanewj.com/wbc/

  • Mal

    For the record, not one legitimate Baptist governing body ordains or accredits the Westboro Hate Church.

  • TheChive

    alright boys and girls time to get our picket signs. I think ill write something like “i left my boyfriend for this?”, not gay but have no problems with gays (they make awesome apple products and food). or have a sign that reads I’m with stupid or i stopped masturbating for this? lets “think outside the box” do we have an address where they are doing this crap?

  • Isaiah Pavia-Cruz

    I’m a Christian and this is wrong.  God does not hate people.  They aren’t reading the same Bible.

  • Davidvences26

    These people just like all of the attention they get.

  • fff

    It’s less about picketing Jobs’ funeral than getting people like you to give them press. Good job on that by the way. Maybe they should send you some kind of membership card or deputize you.

  • Tcrowns

    Steve is Buddhist, so I imagine he will be cremated and I seriously doubt it will be a public.

  • Tcrowns

    As an aside, posting this story is exactly what they want, publicity for their misguided cause.

  • Bluelou65

    agreed; i’d rather CofM delete this entry all together than give these wack jobs the press they’re begging for.

  • Guest

    I truly hope that people don’t assume that this is how authentic Christians behave. How does anyone with a heart of God protest a funeral? And those comments were so revolting…

    First of all, God doesn’t hate homosexuals – he hates SIN. But He loves US so much that He sent Jesus Christ to the cross to pay the price for those sins….that we might believe in Him as our savior and have eternal life. That is proof that God loves EVERYONE, but He loves us too much to keep us the way we are – lost in our sins. Jesus said the greatest commandment is to love God will all your heart, soul, and mind. And secondly, to love your neighbor as yourself.  Matthew 22:37-39 He also said to love your enemies! Matthew 5:44

  • oifbtdt

    The solution is obvious.  Ever hear of the Patriot Guard Riders?  They were founded to shield grieving families of KIA service members from these very idiots. They line up on the procession route blocking the WBC’s line of sight to the families.  When the occasion calls for it, they drown them out with motorcycle engines.

    In any event, have iPhone and iPad owners (certainly a larger set of people than the Patriot Riders) line the procession route.  Shouldn’t be that hard to organize.

  • Jovitaburns

    its funny that one of the signs says god hates jews. . um excuse me i do believe Jesus was a jew . . idiots

  • Jerry Ager

    people who put religion above humanity are the bane of the world,rip steve jobs..ya jew fag

  • Chris

    agreed :)

  • FriarNurgle

    These people are just as bad as the radical Muslims. 

  • osama

    john brownlee show some class some professionalism , your a joke , cant believe this guy is an editor

  • JohnJeser7656

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  • Mike Rathjen

    They are the ultimate trolls and by writing this article you have taken their bait and contributing to their fame.

  • Mike Rathjen

    What is your definition of an authentic Christian?

  • Wayne Harrel

    Margie Phelps should die, and I will celebrate. 
    Rip – iGod

  • wilburg

    I would normally avoid flaming anybody/thing – but this if f*&%ing outrageous.  Anyone who preaches hate, and simultaneously claims to be a Christian, is psychotic, anti social, anti Christian, anti American, and has absolutely no good whatever in their souls.  If there is such a thing as hell, these are among worst of its residents.

  • Jay

    The leader of there congregation should be ashamed! so much teaching to not hate and yet here they are.

  • prometheus1981

    I am a little far away from this to attend, if someone NOT from WBC goes, please film them because I bet they will be ridiculed like in Long Beach, CA (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… enjoy!

  • brownlee

    And? Our readers’ right to what’s happening in the world of Apple trumps any concerns over Westboro meta-gaming the media.

  • Doug Bowen

    Someone who at least speaks to the Lord.  I hardly imagine WBC even knows the Lord. But I donmt have perfect judgement.

  • Steven Washington

    I’ve never been one to speak publicly about religion.  I’ve always thought that my beliefs are mine, and yours are your own.  When I hear things like this, it always reminds me of why I don’t subscribe to “organized religion’.  It’s because of people, like this, that continue to spread hate, and fear around the world.  I’m not trying to sound like I’m a religious person when I say this, because I’m not, but, I’ve always thought that there are many ways of doing “Gods work”.  Some become priests, some become doctors, or nurses, or firefighters and so on.  I think that Steve Jobs did “Gods work” through technology.  If you think about all of the ways that many of the products that he helped to design, helps others, and in many cases helps to improve quality of life for so many, that is in fact, “Gods work”.  As a gay man, I’ve been subjected to this kind of hate most of my adult life, but I never let it hurt me, in some ways, I feel sorry for them because they have it so wrong.  Steve Jobs will be missed, and his impact on the world is far reaching, and undeniable, and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends, and all those who he touched during his all to brief time with us.

  • Duck Hawk

    There isn’t someone’s definition of an authentic Christian. You either are some who believes Jesus died on the cross for your sins and accept Him as your Lord and Savior or you don’t. Authentic Christians have the love of Christ and you see the fruit that they bear is drastically different from the fruit that this church seems to produce. They can not justify their hatred with scripture. For instances, If God hates  the Jewish people then why bring them out of slavery? Why provide them food when lost in the desert? Why would Jesus say, as He is dying on the cross, forgive them, for they know not what they do?Why let them be reborn as a nation after almost being obliterated by the National Socialist Party in Germany?

  • Duck Hawk

    There isn’t someone’s definition of an authentic Christian. You either are some who believes Jesus died on the cross for your sins and accept Him as your Lord and Savior or you don’t. Authentic Christians have the love of Christ and you see the fruit that they bear is drastically different from the fruit that this church seems to produce. They can not justify their hatred with scripture. For instances, If God hates  the Jewish people then why bring them out of slavery? Why provide them food when lost in the desert? Why would Jesus say, as He is dying on the cross, forgive them, for they know not what they do?Why let them be reborn as a nation after almost being obliterated by the National Socialist Party in Germany?

  • brownlee

    Uh, who “insighted” violence? Not me. Reread the post.

  • Brianb5689

    I’m a Christian and these fools at Westboro sure don’t represent me. As a matter of fact most every church I know of around here uses Macs for multimedia creation and most of the Pastors have iPhones and/ or iPads that are used for sermon creation and delivery and study.

    He did good by being part of the creation behind those tools

  • Christopher Clancy

    Ok? Are you speaking about the HOLY bible? Have you actually read it or are you talking about what someone told you? 10 commandments…none of them say to kill anything. Stupid comment, IMHO.

  • prof_peabody

    Also, the Jews invented the original God in the first place, so …. double irony there.  

  • prof_peabody

    I don’t think you’ve read the old testament (these folks’ main document), if you think that God doesn’t hate people.  

    IMO these people are idiots, but in truth, God hates *lots* of people.  
    It’s right there in the Bible.

  • Shaunathan Sprocket

    The lady on the right has a sign that refers to 2nd Peter chapter 2 verse 12 which for the sake of argument is this:

    “But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not and shall utterly perish in their own corruption”

    I assume she’s intending that we can kill gay people.  Well if she’s going to take one verse out of context and fail to understand it, let’s use her logic against her.

    Verse 10, same page:

    “But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government. Presumptuous are they, selfwilled, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities.”

    So, using her same book, using her same logic, we can kill her.  Because she despises government and she speaks evil of dignities.

    such a moron…

  • Rich

    These guys have nothing to do with religion.  They are all trained lawyers in the family, they make money from being impeded to exercise their right to freedom of speech.  If someone assaults them…. lawsuit. If the police don’t allow them… lawsuit. Allegedly

  • Guest

    As a minister in Baptist church I wish everyone would ignore these people. They have nothing to do with The Kingdom. They are hateful and only looking attention. 


  • al friede

    yet another [prime] reason of why i’m an atheist!

  • Just


  • Dillon Schultz

    their parents happen to be cousins…

  • Jay C

    I have one word for those idiots at Westboro. iShame.

  • Karl

    While I don’t partake in any religion. I endorse your pledge for people to “please stop reporting on these idiots.”

  • Just

    Wow, is Steve really a Buddhist? I never knew that! I mean it’s fine and all that, but I was just curious.

  • curtis jackson

    children of the devil! 

  • NukemHill

    Time to flash-mob their meeting houses.

  • Michael

    I don’t think you’ve read the Old Testament, if you think God hates people. You make me laugh! You’re just a small little speck in the universe. Your brain is so tiny. It’s absolutely ridiculous that you think you can make judgments about God’s character when you don’t even know everything about yourself, but God does. There’s no way that you could think that you actually know better than God… you know, the guy who created the universe and all.

  • Dalton Paternostro

    Please join my Facebook group to counter protest the Westboro Church for their sinful ways! https://www.facebook.com/pages

  • Poreoteo

    Sadly, as long as these cretins continue to mock our fallen heroes at their funerals, they are deserving of our scrutiny and scorn. The families whose final goodbyes to their loved ones may not be able to ignore them. What needs to happen is for God to come down and convince them to give up their idiocy, but obviously (to me, anyway) that can never happen.

  • Dalton Paternostro

    This is just not even right…. So… I set up a Counter Protest …

  • prof_peabody

    WTF?  Are you one of the wackos referred to in the article?  You sure are judging me and hating on me like they do, and yet I guess you too will claim to be a “christian.”  sigh.

    I have read the Bible more than most people btw. 

    I was referring to the fact that the old testament ‘god’ is a mean bastard that hates lots of people and regularly wipes whole groups of them out for trivial reasons.  This is a known fact.  Anyone who has actually read the bible knows this. 

    The new testament, (with all the good stuff about loving thy neighbour and turning the other cheek), is a totally different thing and ‘god” in the new testament is quite different as well. Again, anyone who knows the bible knows this.  

    The whole point of these loser protesters, is that they lean towards the old testament ‘god.’  All you people who are saying “god is love” or “god doesn’t hate” are just quoting the part of the bible that *you* like.  i.e. – the New Testament. 

  • prof_peabody

    There are actually many places in the bible where god commands people to kill other people and many places where god kills them himself.  

    Hey, it’s a big confusing fairy-tale written by hundreds of people over a period of centuries.  What do you expect?  

  • suneet chandna

    fucking assholes go fuck your mother cause that is the only way your god is gonna like you.fucking pricks

  • BeachWar

    Yep, the fucks of WBC are exploiting the Constitution for unbridled hatred.

  • RunThemOverWithASchoolBus

    Trolls type stupid comments on web pages. These scum show up at your kid’s/Brother’s/Mother’s/Father’s/Hero’s funeral to say that God hated your departed loved one. This is beyond internet trolling that anyone can ignore. They need to be shut down permanently for the crack-brained abuse they heap on the grieving.

  • Getreal

    (Psst… not a true story!)

  • Jamesie Adams

    So so angry lost for words. fuckers will rot in hell

  • David Ilsignorino

    We are no better than them using this kind of language. By doing this we are making ourselves more like them

  • iMuslim

    All of this and yet Muslims are the ones being targeted !@#$%^&*( Ya there are some radical Muslims just like there are these radical christians, but why doesn’t the media focus on these people as well for once???? 

  • iMuslim

    RIP Steve Jobs

  • imajoebob

    No, they didn’t.
    Gods have been around since before history.
    Zoroastrians are usually considered the first monotheistic religion.

  • imajoebob

    see: “smite”

  • Michael

    I’m not judging you, I’m telling you the truth. I don’t know why it’s hard for you to accept the fact that God is bigger than you, because that is all I was saying. And I do not hate you; it would be hateful of me to not even respond to your comment, letting you remain deceived. The reason I even said anything is because you think you have God all figured out, but you don’t. Neither do I, but I sure know that he is not filled with any hate. 

    Those people that you think He “regularly wiped” were the people who were living in such sin that He knew they would never turn to Him. Many times, they were persecuting His people. God gives fair warning of his righteous judgment to those who are against him, so it’s not like they were just wiped out all of the sudden with no explanation. What you think is a fact is not.

    God does not change. Before Jesus came to the Earth, people had to sacrifice little animals to use their blood to cover their sins. Then, Jesus came and was the ultimate sacrifice. He was the ultimate blood.

  • CharliK

    Two ways to know you made it

    1. Have the PTC try to ban you


    2. Have Westboro Baptist protest you

  • Dandoesrock

    I don’t even know what to say except these people deserve to BURN IN HELL!!!! RIP steve you were my biggest inspiration 

  • CharliK

    Yep. They are NOT examples of all Baptists or even Christians anymore than the 9/11 terrorists were examples of all Muslims

  • Jessica

    they do everything for attention.. if everyone just completely ignored them they’d go away

  • CharliK

    Churches like this teach ‘do not hate, unless we tell you to hate’

  • Chris Malone

    Due to the US constitution we can’t ban their church, but what we can do is stop them from protesting funerals. The constitution gives you freedom of religion, not freedom to practice religion. A comparison I like to use is, If my religion says I stab someone in the gut every time I see a bird (or something similar) I will still be arrested even though I was practicing religion.

  • CharliK

    There is no law that Buddhists have to be cremated.

    That said, I suspect that there will be a small family and close friends funeral at an undisclosed, well secured place, no matter what choice he made

  • AlmostDoneWith CoM

    Does it really matter which primitive culture first invented gods because they were utterly ignorant and needed some way to explain things? Really, one made up invisible friend is no more valuable than another made up invisible friend.

  • tiresius

      I think it would be poetic justice if a Flash Mob of about  10,000 fans descended on this group of “church goers” on the day of their protest, and completely engulfed them.  Never saying a word, never touching one of the sign toting hate mongers.  Just carrying their iPads, MacBooks, etc., exhibiting their page of choice, while others in the mob used their iPhones to videotape and record the entire assemblage.  
      Always wonder what sort of bigoted, hateful god the Westboro people believe in.  Clearly not the one who preached love and compassion.

  • AlmostDoneWith CoM

    Psst… It’s all made up anyway. There is no invisible sky friend. It’s all just made up so people can justify their actions to themselves.

  • Bitter Witch

    I’m a fag and I definitely am a beast ;)

  • Brock

    These people can call themselves a Baptist Church, but they are not. As a Christian, this “church” disgusts me beyond words.

  • Mustang

    Mr Brownlee:

    While I do in no way agree with the thoughts or actions of the aforementioned organization, I find it utterly detestable that you would stoop to would-be profanity, name calling and veiled threats of violence (“…they’ll be sneezing spleen…”) in your assessment of their actions.

    I would encourage you to grow up and editorialize like a man instead of relying on the sophomoric and childlike rantings this article exemplifies.

  • 8811081

    Westboro Baptist Church spreads its hate through
    picketing in our streets, provoking attacks, with abusive language and flag
    desecration, attempting to create a confrontation. This is not a church, this
    is a hate group.  This is not about protesting,
    freedom, or God. They are in it for the money and the press; this is a family
    law firm. They are not a “church.” It is a scam. They go after anything
    that can get them in the news. This is a family of lawyers using this “god
    hates you” thing to make money. It is time for this scam to end.

  • Gadgetmac

    Scum racists, these are the true beasts. 

  • JDWages

    So how were services at Westbro this past Sunday, Mustang?  :-)

    Seriously, I sometimes disagree with Brownlee and have been annoyed by a few of his articles before, but this time I will make an exception, sophmoric article or no.  Anyone who understands the significance of Steve Jobs is already reeling and in true mourning over his death, which was announced less than 24 hours ago.  As such we are all emotionally on edge, and Mr. Brownlee’s article clearly shows that he is too.  But so what?  I say cut Brownlee some slack and allow him to grieve in his own way, even if that involves a tiny bit of lashing out at hate groups like Westbro.

  • JDWages

    So how were services at Westbro this past Sunday, Mustang?  :-)

    Seriously, I sometimes disagree with Brownlee and have been annoyed by a few of his articles before, but this time I will make an exception, sophmoric article or no.  Anyone who understands the significance of Steve Jobs is already reeling and in true mourning over his death, which was announced less than 24 hours ago.  As such we are all emotionally on edge, and Mr. Brownlee’s article clearly shows that he is too.  But so what?  I say cut Brownlee some slack and allow him to grieve in his own way, even if that involves a tiny bit of lashing out at hate groups like Westbro.

  • winski

    Thanks John…. These clowns really do need to go back to the rock-pile they slithered out of…..TODAY….

  • Oprah Noodlemantra

    I don’t always agree with Brownlee’s posts and agree that it could have been handled much better, but what I found detestable is your mentioning of “would-be profanity” (you grow up, we’re all grown-ups here and will use any goddamned word we please) and not finding the word “fag” to be more detestable. The fact that you would “not agree” with the word “fag,” yet go medieval on the words “fuck” and the like makes me want to gag. Mustang, you’re no different than the bigots. Congratulations! Here’s your pointed hat and WBC sign. Looks like you’ve found some friends!

  • Oprah Noodlemantra

    Really? By using the word “fuck” we become bigots? Clarify yourself. Because right now, you sound as if you are equating free speech and the right to use profanity with the hatred and bigotry of the WBC. Surely you must be joking or I must be misunderstanding you.

  • Oprah Noodlemantra

    It’s not enough to simply like your comment. I must instead tell you, with a bit of irony: Amen.

  • twitter-28439603

    We don’t want to see your naked arms anywhere.

  • twitter-28439603


  • Dilbert A

    Chris, the SCOTUS has interpreted the USC as protecting the free practice of religion. I’m not saying these guys are practicing any type of religious ceremony here, I’m just saying.

  • twitter-28439603

    Like it needs more reasons to “look bad”?  Fairy tales, as another commenter said.

  • twitter-28439603

    >Those people that you think He “regularly wiped” were >the people who were living in such sin that He knew they >would never turn to Him. 

    So, you are admitting that Prof. Peabody was RIGHT all along.

  • twitter-28439603

    If people didn’t report on these idiots, they could likely grow into a larger group (not just family members, like it is now), in the shadows.

  • Oprah Noodlemantra

    “Those people that you think He “regularly wiped” were the people who were living in such sin that He knew they would never turn to Him. “

    So, that’s what you do then? If I can’t have you, no one can? Return to me or die in a fire? How very loving of your god. Sounds like the abusive husband in a bad Lifetime Television Movie if you ask me.

    “Many times, they were persecuting His people.”

    Yeah. That’s the ticket! “Many times.” Sometimes, however, they just decided to get a little homosexual lovin’ going on, which, as we know, is a big fat no-no in your book.

    Let’s take a look, shall we, at what your good men of God do and what your God condones. This is what happened when the so-called Angels came to Sodom and the men demanded those pretty boys be brought out to play with:

    But before they lay down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, both
    young and old, all the people to the last man, surrounded the house;
    and they called to Lot, “Where are the men who came to you tonight?
    Bring them out to us, that we may know them.”

    Now, I’m sure “know them” — as has been interpreted many times — has come to be known as “let’s get sexy.” Now what would a good man of God do? Stand his ground? Tell them to jump in the river?

    No, instead of giving those angels to the men – because, after all, they’re angels, right – they should be able to defend themselves – , he gave them his virgin daughters to “do to them whatever you like.”

    That’s your precious Bible and your God. That’s what he condones. Next time you pray to him, remember: He’s more than likely to ask you to give your daughters to be raped or slaughtered or to sacrifice your son to please him than he is to actually answer those prayers.

    “Before Jesus came to the Earth, people had to sacrifice little animals to use their blood to cover their sins.”

    And ritual sacrifice is just a-okay in your book? Good to know. I’m beginning to understand why the Westboro Baptist Church is such a hive of scum and villainy.

    What amazes me — and what might be the most amazing miracle known to Christianity — is how you can utter such a sentence and swallow it. It’s ridiculous. Killing not for sustenance, but to waste a life to please an invisible man. How detestable.

    “He was the ultimate blood. “

    Well, that makes sense. He does love his blood, after all.

  • twitter-28439603

    Though, as a counter-example, haven’t various religions been allowed to use drugs that would otherwise be illegal, because of their (fairy tale) religious reasons?

  • cassandralite

    Hang on.  Your complaint is that these idiots are homophobic?  Three of their pickets in the photo you posted are blatantly anti-Semitic and one has to do with gays.  But you focus on homophobia?  Weird.

  • Chas

    Just wait till they croak and find out they’re on the down escalator

  • Oprah Noodlemantra

    Someone needs to read their Bible:

      If a man still prophesies, his parents, father and mother,
    shall say to him, “You shall not live, because you have spoken a lie in the name
    of the Lord.” When he prophesies, his parents, father and mother, shall thrust
    him through.   (Zechariah 13:3 NAB)

    This one’s cute. Here he is destroying entire nations (I’d assume that would include the little babies, kittens, squirrels and all other cute things that probably have no idea what the hell this idiot is going on about):

    “I have wiped out many
    nations, devastating their fortress walls and towers.  Their cities are now
    deserted; their streets are in silent ruin.  There are no survivors to even tell
    what happened.  I thought, ‘Surely they will have reverence for me now!  Surely
    they will listen to my warnings, so I won’t need to strike again.’  But no;
    however much I punish them, they continue their evil practices from dawn till
    dusk and dusk till dawn.”  So now the LORD says: “Be patient; the time is coming
    soon when I will stand up and accuse these evil nations.  For it is my decision
    to gather together the kingdoms of the earth and pour out my fiercest anger and
    fury on them.  All the earth will be devoured by the fire of my jealousy.  “On
    that day I will purify the lips of all people, so that everyone will be able to
    worship the LORD together.  My scattered people who live beyond the rivers of
    Ethiopia will come to present their offerings.   (Zephaniah
    3:6-10 NLT)

    This is like a slide show of memories! Here God is telling people to get medieval on some peeps:
    “Go up, my warriors,
    against the land of Merathaim and against the people of Pekod. Yes, march
    against Babylon, the land of rebels, a land that I will judge!  Pursue, kill,
    and completely destroy them, as I have commanded you,” says the LORD.  “Let the
    battle cry be heard in the land, a shout of great destruction”You call him the Lord. The rest of the serial killers call him “that voice that tells us what to do.”

    Here’s another jewel:

      Meanwhile, the LORD
    instructed one of the group of prophets to say to another man, “Strike me!”  But
    the man refused to strike the prophet.  Then the prophet told him, “Because you
    have not obeyed the voice of the LORD, a lion will kill you as soon as you leave
    me.”  And sure enough, when he had gone, a lion attacked and killed him.Here’s some more! The hits just keep on coming! Anyone arrogant enough to reject the verdict of the
    judge or of the priest who represents the LORD your God must be put to death.
     Such evil must be purged from Israel.
    You should not let a
    sorceress live. “If a man lies with a male as with a women, both of them shall be put to
    death for their abominable deed; they have forfeited their lives.”
    (Leviticus 20:13 NAB) (And you wonder why they think that “God hates fags”)
    A man or a woman who acts as a medium or
    fortuneteller shall be put to death by stoning; they have no one but themselves
    to blame for their death.  (Leviticus 20:27 NAB)

    If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife,
    both the man and the woman must be put to death.  (Leviticus 20:10 NLT)

    A priest’s daughter who loses her honor by
    committing fornication and thereby dishonors her father also, shall be burned to
    death.  (Leviticus 21:9 NAB)

    But if this charge is true (that she wasn’t a
    virgin on her wedding night), and evidence of the girls virginity is not
    found, they shall bring the girl to the entrance of her fathers house and there
    her townsman shall stone her to death, because she committed a crime against
    Israel by her unchasteness in her father’s house.  Thus shall you purge the evil
    from your midst.  (Deuteronomy  22:20-21 NAB)

    Obviously, God doesn’t care much for the ladies, either.

    Here we have God condoning the killing of children, lest they be like their parents.

    Make ready to slaughter his sons for the guilt of
    their fathers; Lest they rise and posses the earth, and fill the breadth of the
    world with tyrants.  (Isaiah 14:21 NAB)

    But you’re right. Maybe that Jesus guy had it right with his messages of peace and such. Like this one!

    “Do not think that I came to bring peace on Earth; I did not come to
    bring peace, but a sword. For I came to set a man against his father,
    and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her
    mother-in-law; and a man’s enemies will be the members of his household.
    He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he
    who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who
    does not take his cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me. He who has
    found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake
    will find it.” (Matthew 10:34-39 NASB)

    So now, I encourage you to read your Bible and actually learn what it says before you come on here speaking falsehoods and misrepresenting it. I’m only looking out for your interests (see: What the Bible says about liars.).

  • Andy Murdock

    Yep, this is true. These scumbags are hoping that someone attacks them in any small way. Then they sue everyone in sight. As pathetic as they are, it’s best to completely ignore them, that is the only way to end them.

  • prof_peabody

    No offence, but you know relatively little about the Bible based on some of the things you are saying here.  

    I’m an atheist, so I don’t think I “have god all figured out,” because I don’t believe god exists.  As an atheist however, it seems I have read more of the Bible and know more about it than you (and that’s kind of sad).  

  • Mustang

    I’m thrilled that your crystal ball allows you to understand what exactly is going through my head, and what words I was or was not referring to as “would-be profanity.”

    I mean, how do you know what my stance is on the word “fag” at all?

    In fact, I made no position statement whatsoever,other than to indicate that I was not speaking on behalf of WBC.

    I went “medieval?” Really?

    That’s funny. Look in the mirror…

  • Notanonymoustothegovernment

    I agree.  This is pathetic, I’m wondering how long before some hacker group brings down their twitter account.  This is pathetic.

  • Mustang

    Also quite humorous. Grieving or not, does lashing out with the same sort of hatred displayed by Westboro solve anything?

    Also interesting that you have the ability to judge my perception of the significance of the genius of Steve Jobs. I’d say “God rest his soul”, but Oprah might take exception…

  • Ferixon

    Westboro is to Christians as “Terrorists” are to Muslims.

  • Oprah Noodlemantra

    To be fair, they’ve been more in the press these days for their homophobic protests (picketing soldiers funerals with the pretense that God is slaying the soldiers because America isn’t turning its back on gay America) than any other protests. Such as when they made news for protesting Heath Ledger’s funeral simply because he was in Brokeback Mountain.

    I don’t think it was a slight. I think it’s because that’s become their calling card currently.

  • Oprah Noodlemantra

    “how do you know what my stance is on the word “fag” at all?”

    Well, why don’t you enlighten us? Since you decided to harp on every other part of the post, but the bigotry within the photographs. Go on. Inform us how you’ve been misinterpreted.

  • Oprah Noodlemantra

    Sweet! You’re going to start editing yourself on my account? Aw, shucks.

  • Gabe

    I swear ill fly from Milan to wherever they live and slap them with an ipad on their faces till their skull will be apple shaped.

  • Alex

    I still hope that some day child welfare authorities in Kansas  will take a closer look at Fred Phelps and his family ( or congregation as Phelps calls it ) .

  • Marcus Schoen

    Y dey hatin on da Jews?

  • JDWages

    I’m rather dismayed that I even have to even explain this, but I shall make an attempt nevertheless. “Grieving” does not attempt to solve anything.  It is an emotional reaction to a perceived great loss.  As I stated previously, this article wasn’t so much an outright attack on Westbro.  It was an emotionally charged reaction to the insanity of Westbro, emotions resulting from the shock and grief over Mr. Job’s death.

    Perhaps you do understand Mr. Jobs significance.  But you don’t fully understand and/or don’t have respect for the fact that people grieve in different ways, and such includes journalists.  Therefore, I implore you to please have some respect for the dead and those grieving for him.  You can always lambast Mr. Brownlee at another time.

  • Porkbamboo

    That’s what hate is.  Hate junkies will latch on to anything just to get their fix. It’s not the Jews, the homosexuals or any other group that they’re really focussed on.  It’s just the indulgence in the hate.  It’s addictive for people with unresolved emotional problems.

  • Porkbamboo

    They are hoping someone will attack them.  That’s why they’re behaving is such a provocative way.  If someone does attack them, then they’ll use that as proof that they are right. 

  • Guest

    Why can’t you spell correctly? 

  • Stephen

    I see there’s a sign that says God hates…and without even reading further I feel these people are just idiots. God doesn’t hate anybody. Honestly, religion is far too invested in segregating people when it really should be about bringing people together!

  • vanmacguy

    In light of recent events, why don’t we ask ourselves “what would Steve do?”.

    I suspect he’d think of them as bozos and dismiss them out of hand.

    I’m glad this was brought to my attention, but I’m doing what Steve would do.

  • vanmacguy

    In light of recent events, why don’t we ask ourselves “what would Steve do?”.

    I suspect he’d think of them as bozos and dismiss them out of hand.

    I’m glad this was brought to my attention, but I’m doing what Steve would do.

  • citizen

    It’s times like this that make me extremely proud to be an Aethist. There are not words to suffice the idiocy being presented here. 

  • Mustang

    I’m not so sure it matters, nor do I think any answer I give wouldn’t be shred by you.

    So I chose not to comment on the photo. So what? Does that mean I agree?

    I was simply commenting on the irony of the response of hatred to the demonstration of hatred and wondering how it really solved anything?

    Much like your responses here.

    Xanax can work wonders, take it easy tough guy.

  • Wheresyourgodnow


  • Mustang

    Please feel free to re-read my post. I’m quite sure I never implied that grieving was an attempt to solve anything. Rather, I believe that “lashing out with … hatred” was my reference to a solution.

    Furthermore, unless you’ve borrowed Oprah’s crystal ball, how in the world you can question my position on grief? I can assure you, I have the utmost respect for the dead, as well as those who grieve.

    I’m just not sure how responding to hatred with hatred is justified under any circumstance. It just seems a bit ironic to me, or possibly sardonic.

  • cassandralite

    True enough.  So then run another photo…or expand your commentary on this photo to include the 15th century type of anti-Semtism.  I’m (almost) sure it was an unintentional oversight, but by not mentioning it (and the “it” is there four to one), the writer ironically implies that he doesn’t even notice it, possibly because he’s okay with it.

  • JDWages

    My interpretation of your words is obviously tied to how I read what you say.  You are persistent with your chastisement of Mr. Brownlee, thus one is led to conclude certain things about your state of grieving or your views on what is allowed or disallowed while grieving.

    The fundamental difference between your reaction to this article and mine is that of how we define our terms.  You view this article as “hatred.”  I view it as a knee-jerk reaction of emotion while grieving.  Had the author not been grieving on some level, I might feel the same way as you.  But since the author hasn’t proven his “hatred” to me in a way that says he is putting Westbro in imminent danger (or provoking others to put them in danger), I cannot view this article as being dangerous.
    I am also aware that journalists have changed through the years.  Gone are the days when I read publications that were virtually free of spelling and grammar errors!  They were also free of the very vitriol you are taking Brownless to task over.  I too wish things were different, but there is nothing I can do to change the world in that regard.  Perhaps for that reason I have grown rather numb toward the type of article Brownlee posted today.  Had this article come out 20 years ago, I would have been shocked.  Today I am giving Brownlee a cop out.  I still complain about bad spelling and grammar here from time to time, but overall I’ve become less tense about such things.  That is mainly why I’ve not shared the same level of discontent you have with this particular article.

  • Daniel Roberts

    Why are you even reporting on this, hey? If anything you’re giving publicity to WBC, which is what they want. And Honyant, obviously you’re on drugs.

  • CharliK

    I find it ironic? that they are saying he taught sin when he banned porn from iOS etc

  • CharliK

    Nope. that would be rude to Mr Jobs family and friends by turning his memorial/funeral into a circus. 

    Now protesting outside of their church. Perhaps with signs that say things like “God hates haters”. that might be justice.

  • CharliK

    Private, off the books and you won’t find the info hanging out in bars in Northern Cali looking for Apple Employees. 

    Not even Gizmodo would be so disrespectful or crazy to risk a lawsuit to leak that info even if they found out what it was. 

  • Les Hildebrandt

    Still the bad old Apple as they say and just hyped up in the new one they trying to sell on someones GRAVE


  • Mustang

    Your interpretation of my words, unfortunately seems to be tied a clear grammatical oversight on your part.

    As to “persistent chastisement,” I think you’ll find my comments to be of a clarifying nature, as opposed to perseveration or the like.

    Indeed our views of th article seem to differ. As such, then we can agree to disagree.

    And if this was a battle of verbosity, you win..

  • cassandralite


  • cassandralite

    Yes, moronic assholes with pickets are “just as bad” as guys flying planes into buildings, planting roadside IEDs, kidnapping and beheading people in the name of Allah, and hanging gays with piano wire for the “crime” of being gay.  Gotcha.

  • Honyant

    These people are not Christian , they are Old Testament prophets. They don’t certainly don’t believe in what Christ had to say.

  • Honyant

    Could even be closer than that.

  • Logan J. Weitzenkamp

    If these idiots are going to heaven, I pray to God that I go to hell.

  • Honyant

    Even that quote from her own poster can be applied to her.

  • Honyant

    These people and those like them need to be brought into the Light.

  • Honyant

    It’s amazing how much like them you sound, and just as loud too.

  • Bruno

    Oh those wacky religionists…

  • imajoebob

    Nope. Just like they can’t “marry” ((i.e. rape) 12-year old girls. Read about Thursday’s ((6-Oct) arguments before SCOTUS, which touched on these issues.

  • APPL13D5C13NC3

    I would love to fuck my boyfriend right in front of them and then cum on their faces hahahahaha

  • José Zepeda

    I’m atheist but please Hell be real and send those bastards there!!!

  • Ken

    What a lowlife, moronic, idiotic excuse for humanity you must be. Go and get an education and learn some basic decency. In your own way you are every bit as pathetic as the halfwits from Westboro, only you are at the other extreme end of the scale. As long as society has trash like you, Javier, we will have trash like Westboro “Baptists”.

  • gareth edwards

    Dear Anonymous (or any other hacker group out there) – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take these hate mongers off the web once and for all.  The world just simply doesn’t need this kind of crap.

  • dwplay11

    God hates all who do iniquity -Psalms 5:5. but In the same breath He is Love. His Love towards us is unconditional (doesn’t matter if we are the greatest, or the worst) He sent His Son (Jesus) to put our punishment on Him in order for God to be able to forgive us. The punishment for sin is death. Jesus absorbed our sin in Him and was punished to death. So whosoever believes in the Him shall not parish but have everlasting life -John 3:16

  • b1scu1t

    Yeah. It’s very sad :( cause aren’t they then just as unsaved as they believe some others to be?
    Saddest of all is that they really do more damage than good to Christ’s name because people take offense to this kind of thing and then associate this behavior with all Christians and it certainly isn’t the case.
    I mean, what’s the point? Rather go evangelize than to wet your pants about something that you can do absolutely nothing about! Bunch of hypocrites.

    To me it’s the same principle as a church telling a homeless man to leave the church because he is dirty and not welcome… It’s just not the right thing to do.

  • Oprah Noodlemantra

    I think that saying an oversight makes the writer a bigot is one hell of a jump to make. And quite nasty, actually.

    Implying something by omission is difficult to do as it is as implying means to actively suggest. After rereading the post, I see that he has actually said “The hate mongering, homophobic sons of bitches.” Now, maybe you could argue that he was labeling all hate under a too-large umbrella while making a note of the fact that the WBC is well-known for their homophobia. But instead, you have actually accused him of being anti-Semitic because he didn’t make mention of what’s depicted in the photo that he chose to use with his commentary. Cassandra, surely you must realize that what you’ve done here is quite nasty. Do not accuse someone of being a bigot because of what they might have overlooked in a post that was, obviously, hastily thrown up. For all you know, the author could be gay, Jewish or a member of another group that the WBC targets. If you want to know if he’s a bigot, ask him. But don’t suggest or accuse him of such because he didn’t make mention of it. Doing so would be as wrong as me attempting to accuse you of being anti-Semitic because you can’t spell antisemitism.

  • Oprah Noodlemantra

    “I’m not so sure it matters, nor do I think any answer I give wouldn’t be shred by you.”

    Well, that’s one way to avoid telling us what you really think of the word “fag.”

  • Grow up

    They say steve Jobs didn’t give God glory? How about there next door neighbor? Why don’t they go and protest against the neighbor that doesn’t give God the glory?

  • ifuckyourmind

    Lovely People. I am a gay jewish Mac and Steve Jobs Fan. How about that :-)

  • crazy_creeps^

    I’m a Baptist Christian, and I can honestly say that these people have NOTHING to do with God. None of what they claim to believe and teach lines up with what the Bible teaches. God DOESN’T hate Jews! God DOESN’T hate homosexuals! And God wants us to support and does support all those who put their lives on the line for our safety and freedom. PLEASE keep in mind that these people are a niche, twisted group of people who do not reflect the beliefs of any true Christian church, WHATSOEVER!!

  • Mustang

    Oooooh, tochee’ on that one!

  • Sgt_Pepper

    I’m an atheist, but I’d just like to add that I recognise this. They aren’t true Christians.

    A few bigoted idiots, who happen to claim to be a part of a group, do not speak for the whole group.

  • Sgt_Pepper

    I’m really starting to think this is an elaborate attention-seeking attempt. I bet they have no interest in Steve Jobs or his funeral, or his life, and just decided to slap their stupid rhetoric on Steve because his passing is a big news item.

    What seems to support this theory is that Phelps’s reply to people pointing out the hypocrisy of her iPhone usage was something like this: “God invented the iPhone for this purpose”. Really? I mean, really?

    I actually believe someone could be that dumb because it’s those Westboro cretins, but I wouldn’t in any other case. If we forget who said this and take it at face value, it reads like a religion-themed troll post on 4chan’s /b/ or Usenet (if you’re being retro). This has got to be a stunt.

    But maybe they really are that stupid. “If you can’t tell if something is trolling or idiocy, it’s probably the latter”.

  • MacGoo

    Please don’t knee-jerk react to posts like this. Prof (while admittedly a bit misguided on this subject imho) is not dumb. He has a rather large brain, so trying to refute him with insults to his intellect just isn’t going to hold water with level-headed folk who know him (and diminish your own credibility with those who might partially agree with you, like myself).

    There are many examples of God’s wrath in the OT – many MORE than in the New Testament (BTW Prof, the NEW Testament is our “main document” as Christians. Lots more examples of God’s love there).

    That said, God’s wrath is toward the sin, not the sinner. Just as we are instructed to do, he hates the action, not the acter (yes, it is a word). So you are right in some respects; Prof is misguided if he thinks he has a better grip on the full scope of reality than his creator. But we are not called to treat people like him with hate and disdain, but with love and respect.

    “Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.Let all that you do be done in love.” 1 Cor 16:13-14

  • MacGoo

    You may have read the words Prof, but your understanding is a bit off. There’s a well-worn (but biblically accurate) idiom: “God hates the sin, not the sinner.” Perhaps a second read through, with a more open mind?

  • MacGoo

    WBC are just attention-hungry self-righteous Pharisees. Check out what Jesus thought of Pharisees and their attention-seeking: Matthew 23:1-12

  • MacGoo

    Thank you SO MUCH for this post. It’s nice to have someone who doesn’t associate all “Christians” as like-minded with bigots like these.

  • MacGoo

    What? I’m not sure how John “insighted (sic)” anything. It was just spec. How can he be held responsible for the angry actions of others just because he mentioned it might happen?

    In other news, CoM commenters with user names starting with “Ed” are much more likely to respond angrily to this comment. MacGoo absolves himself of all responsibility for their actions.

  • cassandralite

    I don’t think you read carefully enough what I wrote.  I wrote that he unintentionally, by omission, implied ironically that he was an anti-Semite.  As for your last dig, pss off, ashole. 

  • Chris Killen

    To the WBC you are the Anti-Christ! 

  • Oprah Noodlemantra

    If you can’t spell the word, you probably should be using it.

  • Oprah Noodlemantra

    That’s right. Should. You should be using it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, this conversation has been so inciteful that I have go take a nap now.

  • Michael

    Oh wow, I am so sorry. I did not even mean in any way to call you stupid. I feel like such a mean person now… What I was trying to say was that in comparison to God, your brain (and obviously everybody’s brains) are so tiny. I promise you that I did not mean to attack your intellectual credibility, because I know that you are a very smart person as seen by the comments you make. Please forgive me.

  • TekBudda

    Let me make it clear that I am not supported these “supposed” representatives of God.  Christ is truly embarrassed by what these clowns are doing as are pretty much every TRUE Christian (that would be someone who emulates Christ…not says they do) that I know feels the same way.  No wonder people have such hatred from Christianity.  But you Mr. Brownlee & people like you are no better then they are by condoning violence & hatred to combat hatred.  If you tried to lay a hand on ANYONE…regardless of your justification, I would have to defend that person…because it is the right thing to do…not because I support them.

    Shame on you!!!

  • TekBudda

    I agree with MacGoo…appreciate the kind words from a non-theist.  I guess you all aren’t as bad as most people think! ;-)

  • TekBudda

    And Jesus loves all three of those parts of you unconditionally!

  • TekBudda

    Interesting term…I just may I have to borrow that from you! ;-)

  • TekBudda

    Don’t pray that you are going to hell.  Instead, kill the evil spew that they promote with kindness.  For every evil act they do, do two or three righteous acts in Christ’s name to counteract it.

  • TekBudda

    God is in heaven shaking his head in his hands & asking Himself…why didn’t I smote them when I had the chance.  But seriously….there is no way that Christ would ever condone these actions.

    Just because someone claims they are doing something in God’s name, doesn’t mean he rubber stamps & approves it.

  • TekBudda

    You can be proud if you want, but I see just as much hatred, violence, and venom filled spew coming from your side of the fence too.

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”  Something for EVERYONE to live by.

  • TekBudda

    And if you read one of my posts above…I would be there to stop you from repaying evil with evil.  Grow up!

  • TekBudda

    This is likely a stock photo of these guys & likely isn’t representative of what is actually happening today.

  • TekBudda

    Actually…I kind of agree with Cass.  I wouldn’t call what the author wrote as anything remotely close to being journalism & I think he is a bit bigoted.  I call it furthering hate mongering & promoting violence.  Perhaps his threats of violence should be brought to the attention of the authorities.

    Obviously Oprah has the grammar police position sewn up.  Grow up noodle head!

  • TekBudda

    Hear hear Mustang!  Violence for violence only furthers violence.  And calling yourself a journalist does not make you one, anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car.

  • TekBudda

    And the latest entrant in the “Hate Filled Bigot Club”….oprah!!

    Congratulations…here is your official “I am a clone” membership card; your honourary “Superiority” lapel pin & your affidavit from the league of douche bags stating you are their most self-righteous member!

    Use of profanities (of any sort) does not make your point more valid than anyone elses.  It does however show that you lack the intelligence to form proper thoughts, ideas & opinions using “big boy” words.

  • TekBudda

    Nice pwning of oprah Mustang!!  Take teh high road & ignore him.

    Let him get back to delivering his pizza’s so that he can go home & do whatever it is he does in his parent’s basement all alone.

    <never ;-)=”” high=”” i=”” road!=”” said=”” taking=”” the=”” was=””></never>

  • TekBudda

    So you can cut John slack & allow him to promote violence, but not allow WBC slack for exercising their constitutional rights to be idiots?

    For the record I do not support them or most of the crap that happens in the states, but I do TRY to always stand up for righteousness & what is right…but not in the eyes of man (because all humans are fallible & have no right to set any sort of moral standards).

    And really…Jobs contributing significance to the world?  I can think of THOUSANDS more people that have added value & contributed in much more significant ways to the human experience.  Just because you are a rabid mindless iClone, doesn’t mean that everyone else has to have the wool pulled over their eyes as well.

  • JDWages

    Insofar as this is Cult of Mac and not Cult of TekBudda (where one goes to discredit men of significance like Steve Jobs), and insofar as Mr. Brownlee stood in support of a great man now dead, I will answer your pointed question with a profound and unwavering YES.  I will cut Mr. Brownlee some slack this time.  Yes I will.

    But seeing that Mr. Job’s funeral has now been held in a secret location with his family, and outside the presence of those who wish to exercise their Constitutional rights to disgrace and slander the dead, all of our talk from this point forward is absolutely and unquestionably moot.  As a result, I will cut you some slack as well.

  • TekBudda

    Of course you will give him a pass…because you are part of the same Borg collective (the ones with the black turtlenecks).

    And really….”stomping spleen”…”Hordes of mac faithful raining blows on them” is NOT condoning violence?  Puh-lease!

    How is that type of hatred any different than what WBC is doing?  It is not!

    And I am sorry journalists are supposed to be NON-biased!  They are supposed to reports the FACTS & not spew their hate filled rantings & SUBJECTIVE (at best) opinions.

    Why doesn’t EVERYONE take some personal responsibility for a change & quit blaming everyone else for their deficiencies.

  • TekBudda

    Well played sir or madam!  And no..I don’t know who Mustang is.

  • JDWages

    The funeral is over.  The point is now moot.

  • JDWages

    The funeral is over.  Your point is now moot.

  • TekBudda

    But wouldn’t them doing a hateful act just continue the downward cycle or violence & hatred?

    Maybe doing two or three righteous acts to their one evil act (I know they have lots of them…but I am just saying for ratio sake) would be the most effective way to combat them & maybe create some positive energy in the world.

    For the record…God doesn’t HATE anyone.  God is a God of love & despite their stupidity (all of ours really) He still loves us ALL unconditionally.  I know for a fact that God would never condone this kind of activity in His name, but just because someones claims they are doing it in God’s name, doesn’t mean they have his approval.

    God pities these poor fools for the actions they take & weeps for the people that it hurts.  We need to end the hatred & start the healing.

  • TekBudda

    But correct me if I am wrong..but doesn’t the constitution also allow for freedom of assembly?  As detestable as you find someones message, by all rights you need to give the same rights to ALL or NONE.

  • TekBudda

    People use all sorts of reasons to justify the evil & stupidity that they do.

  • TekBudda

    Actually…everyone deserves to burn in hell for one reason or another, but only an individual can willfully choose that as their final destination.  God does allow a way to escape hell, but ultimately He will judge justly who is allowed.  I personally doubt I will see many WBC people their…but that’s not my choice.

  • TekBudda

    Don’t forget radical non-theists as well.  Every group has its own breed or stupid & vocal people….unfortunately.

  • TekBudda

    Amen brother!

  • TekBudda

    I would say you are choosing to misunderstand David because he opposes your views.  Just sayin!

  • TekBudda

    Repaying evil for evil?  Really?

  • TekBudda

    No…you are a non-theist because you willfully refuse to see the evidence presented for the existence of God through un-biased filters.  WBC & nobody else can MAKE you decide to be someone or something you are not.  That is a choice you make & by making that choice you accept whatever consequences that comes with…even if you don’t agree with them.

    And no…YOU are the one that brought religion into it.  ;-)

  • TekBudda

    Amen!  Well said!

  • TekBudda

    Actually…they are a perfect example of religion.  Religion being defined as a man-made organization of like-minded individuals, centered around similar ideologies & someones defined with certain rituals, ceremonies, etc.

    Now…if you are talking examples of TRUE Christianity…no…they most certainly are not.  True Christian being defined as emulating the example that Christ Himself showed.  Faith is a spiritual thing not a religious thing…although religion is part of that.

    Lawyers..figures.  I did not know that about them.. Interesting!

  • TekBudda

    Similar to what a lot of non-theists are doing as well.

  • TekBudda

    Well said brother Brain!

  • TekBudda

    I am not hating her…but I am curious how generic iTechnology is doing God’s work?  You are making the same sort of assumption that the WBC are when they say they are doing God’s work.

    Jobs & Woz started a company for the purpose of making money….that is why people start businesses.  That is one of the reasons why I have a company as well.  Yes they may do altruistic things (as I try to do), but that is secondary.

    Just because someone SAYS they are doing God’s work, does not mean that they are or that it is approved by God.

    On a personal note…I apologize for the hatred you may have felt from others (religious or not).  While I do not agree with a persons choice of living a gay lifestyle I do not hate the person.  Hating the sin is different from hating the sinner.  I don’t have to agree with you or approve of what you do to love you (as Christ loves you) or anyone else for that matter.

    As for how I treat someone.  I treat EVERYONE with the same level of dignity & respect until they prove they deserve otherwise.  Regardless or their affiliations or choices in life.

  • TekBudda

    Just so you know…Woz is actually a non-theist (& I could be wrong but I believe Jobs is also) so it is doubtful they started out with the purpose of doing God’s work.

  • TekBudda

    And aren’t you just as bad for mocking Friar & gloating about it?  Sort of perpetuates the violence & hatred doesn’t it?

    And as for the gay thing…seems to me that it is more of a crime nowadays to support heterosexuality & traditional marriage.  No?  Just sayin’.

  • TekBudda

    Genetically yes…culturally…to some degree…spiritually…no.  Jewish people essentially lived by the Mosaic Law & Jesus came to free everyone (Jews, Gentiles, etc.) from the Law & to fulfill the prophecies of the Messiah.  Most Jewish people do not recognize Christ as the Messiah…although there are some movements (i.e. Jews for Jesus) that maintain the cultrual & ceremonial aspects of being Jewish, but they acknowledge Christ as Messiah.  they are commonly referred to as completed Jews. 

  • TekBudda

    Actually the Jews didn’t INVENT God.  God created humans.

  • TekBudda

    I suppose the utter ignorance if supposedly modern cultures is superior in some way?

    I suppose you have 2+2=4, kill-shot proof that God is invisable & non-existent?  No?  Well…then I guess all you have is biased, unsupported opinion (subjective at best) then.  Thanks for playing!

  • TekBudda

    I guess the most definition of an authentic Christian (certainly one that I tend to agree with) is a Christian who in the purest & most honest sincere sense of the word works to emulate the example that Christ Himself showed.  That is not to say their actions will always show that, but it is their attitude & example that matters

    A Christian is someone who has examined all of the same evidence that everyone else has access; has reasoned out their faith & has willingly invited Christ into their lives & asked for forgiveness of their sin’s, but seeks to live a sinless life.  They will usually also maintain a two-way personal relationship with Christ in sort of a mentoring way…seeking to learn & live His will for their lives.

  • TekBudda

    Oops…corrected from an above post that he is a non-theist.  My bad!

  • TekBudda

    And perhaps reading things in the proper religious, cultural, political, historical, etc. context would help; instead of further propagating the same ignorance & hatred that others seem to.

  • TekBudda

    All who do iniquity including his own chosen people.  Check it out…its in their.  God likely punished His own people when they did evil then any other group…BUT…don’t forget the other half of the story where he offers grace, forgiveness, mercy & redemption to ALL who turn away from evil.

  • TekBudda

    I appreciate all the compelling evidence you provided to back up your claim.  You have now officially eliminated every single religion on the face of the earth with your subjective (at best) opinion.

    Psst…yeah it is a real story!  Thanks for playing…pwned!

  • TekBudda

    NO…we are quoting the part of the bible that is filtered through & made complete by Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

    And you know…I read the owner’s manual for a 1976 GMC Blazer, but that doesn’t mean I understand fully how to fix one…not does it make me an expert mechanic?  Reading something without any intention of getting anything out of it, will get you exactly what you are looking for…nothing.

  • TekBudda

    You two want to be alone?  Or are you afraid WBC will protest your love as well?

  • JDWages

    I wasn’t going to comment further, since any further remarks are moot now that Job’s funeral is over.  But I must say this.  

    You may be sincere in your beliefs.  And I respect that.  But your actions today are tantamount to spamming this discussion.  Within the last hour or so, DISQUS has sent me over 25 notifications of your sequential posts to this discussion.  However, sincere you are and right you feel you are, sending that many posts in such a short time is the very definition of SPAMMING.  And once you do that, no one, not even people who otherwise believe the same things you do, will care to listen to what you say. Indeed, you may anger the very people you are trying to awaken to your ideals.

    So please give the posts a rest.  It’s tempting to comment on every single post that strikes a chord in you, I know.  But we need to resist that temptation and be a bit less verbal at times.  Two or three posts in an hour within a given thread is reasonable.  But in excess of 25 is SPAM.  Please put a stop to it.

  • TekBudda

    You know….I have read a lot of science books, etc. with no intention of understanding what was in it, so that now makes me an expert on all scientific things.

    The fact that you have intentionally rejected the same evidence that everyone else has access too & willfully choose to believe things in a biased manner, doesn’t make you in any way better than anyone else & in no way makes you a theologian.

    I doubt you know as much of the bible or the true nature & character of God as you “claim” or “pretend” too.  Sorry…but knowing all the words to Mary Had A Little Lamb, does not make you a sheep rancher.

  • TekBudda

    Psst…it’s real!  Please provide your 2+2=4, kill shot, 100% pure unbiased & irrefutable evidence of your “OPINION.”

    Hmm…much the way your ideas are made up to justify yourselves?  pwned!

    Maybe you should change your name to NoInvisableOrRealFriends.

  • TekBudda

    Hey oprah..when you get your head out of your arse I have some nits that need to be picked.

    They specifically requested someone with an over inflated ego & an undeserved sense of self-righteousness & superiority.  Could think of a more deserve megalomaniac then you.

  • TekBudda

    Perhaps you should re-read your own post?

  • Guest

    Grow up you tard!

  • TekBudda

    Your opinion is neither humble not valid.  But thanks!

  • cassandralite

    You’re “just sayin'” what?  I don’t get it. Where’s the crime?  Who’s being arrested for advocating traditional marriage?  And mocking someone whose moral balance meter needs to be rebooted is bad? 

  • CharliK

    ”  I know for a fact”

    No. You don’t. Nor do you know for a fact that God doesn’t hate anyone, wouldn’t condone anything, pities anyone etc. 

    You know that someone wrote that in a book but lets face it, you don’t know that that book is fact any more than anyone else can say they know it is not. That’s why it is called Belief and not Fact

  • CharliK

    Peaceful assembly yes. If they have the right permits from the area etc. 

    Thankfully there’s no public service for Steve so they will have no where to protest with their hate. 

  • CharliK

    No one has been able to prove the existence of God through any un-biased filters. 

    They have proof that strongly suggests that there is some kind of order and logic to the world. But the notion of an anthropomorphic all powerful believing in some kind of alt dimension that are souls (which haven’t been proven to exist either) will  perhaps go to when we die, has zero evidence. Which is why it is called a belief

  • CharliK

    No one said they set out to do God’s work. Or that they have ever claimed they were doing it. 

    But just like some folks do charity without crowing about it, some folks do God’s work without ever putting that label on it. Many of the things that Steve Jobs has done has been to improve the world by creating ways for people to improve themselves. If we can learn and work better we are able to make changes. He’s also done things like creating the Product Red program and pushing for continued entries over the years. And most importantly he did something with the amazing talents he was given. As the wise say “The knowledge and skills we have are our gift from God, what we do with them is our gift TO him”

    Also, that whole “I don’t hate the sin” is a load of BS. Folks say that to act like what they are doing is any less bigoted. It’s not.  The hate might not be in your mouth but it is in your heart and I suspect your God would frown on that as much as if you acted on it. If your God really was all so powerful and being gay was that awful then he wouldn’t have allowed anyone to be gay. He would have blocked it from existence. No one is making you live gay, they let you do as you wish. Give them the same respect and butt your self righteousness nose out of their business.

  • CharliK

    I don’t recall any gay advocates yelling that everyone should be living gay. They are happy to let you live your hetero ‘traditional’ life. Let them live theirs. 

  • Phil

    Seriously, these worthless pieces of SHIT need to kill themselves already with some fucking fruit punch already… no APPLE PUNCH. 

  • Tetch5

    This is why I hate religion… I personally, don’t have any issues with God, just his fan club!!

  • Olivia Blair-Holt

    I’m sorry who’s attention seeking enough to want to picket a funeral?

  • MacGoo

    WBC, evidently. Wasn’t that already made clear?

  • Lol

    Pharisees are Jews. WBC are anti-Semitists. Have you noticed a connection yet?

  • Lol

    “there is no way that Christ would ever condone these actions”
    Yet these actions exist. The inevitable conclusion is that this so-called “Christ” character is not real.

  • MacGoo

    Actually, WBC are anti-SEMITES. I was using “Pharisees” analogously to illustrate WBC’s focus on irrelevant issues, minutiae and self-righteousness instead of focusing on the whole of Christ’s teachings. It works, you just need to understand that it’s an analogy. Sorry if that was unclear!

  • Lol

    I think Peabody was trying to say the Judeo-Christian God that the WBC believe in.

  • MacGoo

    Wow. What reasoning. Since when did free will exit the equation? By that same reasoning, since Jesus doesn’t condone sin, we should all be sinless and perfect. Yet last I checked, you don’t believe in Him and I have already sinned several times today.

  • MacGoo

    Everything WBC does is a stunt. An attention-seeking attempt to stay in the spotlight and promote their agenda. We need to stop covering them – they’ll go away just like the bully on the playground if we don’t give them a platform to speak from.

  • Lol

    Or siblings.

  • Lol

    Oh, sorry. My spell check messed up again. I meant anti-Semites. 

  • Lol

    Free will, huh? Well, the Bible would like to have a word with you.
    Specifically Ephesians 1:5 and the like.

  • MacGoo

    Ignorance. When Paul speaks about “us” in this passage, he’s speaking about the human race as a whole, and he’s not saying we have no say in our salvation, but that we ALL have a say in it. We all have been given the option to be saved, but it’s up to us to accept it. The members of the church in Ephesus had accepted it, and thus were already under grace and had accepted the plan God had in place since before the foundation of the world (1 Peter 1:20)

    Predestination and the removal of free will make no sense in the context of the Bible as a whole. But anyone can (willfully or ignorantly) take a single verse out of context and make an argument based on that.

  • MacGoo

    Semitists isn’t a word in the dictionary – unless you’re editing your dictionary file, it should have caught it. The fact that it’s hyphenated might have stopped it from catching the misspelling, but it never would have corrected it to read that way.

  • imajoebob

    You first. Prove you’re not trying to claim there’s any intellectual integrity in asking someone to prove a negative.

    Maybe your gods and faeiries and elves and magic beans can help you out on that?